Why 'SNL' Star Pete Davidson Is Pissed at Charlie Sheen's New '9/11' Movie (Video)
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Charlie Sheen's upcoming Sept. 11 drama "9/11" is already pissing people off, especially "SNL" star Pete Davidson.

The trailer (below) was released just a few days ago, and immediately met with criticism for being "unsubtle," "inauthentic" and a "terrible idea."

Davidson and thousands of others have particular reason to take offense: They lost a loved one in the terror attack that brought down New York City's iconic World Trade Center.

The comedian, who's dad died in the attack, called out Sheen in a since-deleted Instagram post Monday night.

"Spoiler alert: I know how it ends..I would respect this movie more if it had Vin Diesel driving a Lambo out of Tower 2 at the last second. F-ck this movie. NOT ONLY THAT BUT YOUR STAR OF THE MOVIE CHARLIE SHEEN IS A 9/11 CONSPIRACY THEORIST. YOU F-CK," he wrote.


The film appears to focus on five people, including Sheen, who are trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center's North Tower on 9/11 and must work together to escape. Whoopi Goldberg also stars in the film, which doesn't look like it will be receiving any Oscar nominations, as a security guard who assists in getting the group out of the elevator -- if they don't plummet to their deaths first.

Davidson joined many others slamming the trailer on Twitter for various reasons beyond a 9/11 conspiracy theorist's involvement.

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