Matt Bomer swears there’s no tension between Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum.

The actor appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen” to promote his new Amazon series “The Last Tycoon,” and a viewer called to ask Bomer about the alleged beef between his "Magic Mike" co-stars.

Although it’s been six years since they were on set together, Bomer didn’t recall any uncomfortable moments.

“Truth be told, no,” Bomer said. “On set in the first film, everybody was really professional. Channing is one of the most fun people I’ve ever worked with, he set a great tone. They both came to work on time, did great work, and there was never any undercurrent of tension that I witnessed.”

But with the magnitude of rumors about the alleged on-set tension, the actor joked that he may have just been distracted by the risqué stripper costumes he and his co-stars had to wear.

“I was a little nervous about what I was wearing at the time so maybe I wasn’t noticing these undercurrents.”

The drama was reported in 2012 when Us Weekly published that Tatum “hates” Pettyfer for his diva-like behavior. Their insider source recalled the co-stars having “massive fights” because “Alex was a jerk to everyone during filming for no reason. He thinks he’s the star of the movie, not Channing or Matthew McConaughey.”

Cohen later changed the pace by playing a game called “Does It Give You A Boner, Matt Bomer?” The actor admitted that although he thinks skinny-dipping, cuddling and role-playing are sexy, he doesn’t like the idea of threesomes, manscaping, candles and strip clubs.

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