Why Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Thinks He Cheated on 'Jersey Shore' GF Sammi Sweetheart
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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has figured out why he decided to cheat on his ex-girlfriend Samantha “Sammi Sweetheart” Giancola so many times during their "Jersey Shore" days.

On Sunday night’s episode of “Famously Single,” the reality star opened up about his very public on-again, off-again relationship with his ex-girlfriend during one of his sessions with relationship guru Dr. Darcy Sterling.

“I don’t think that she ever fulfilled me inside,” he said. “I guess that’s why I cheated. Maybe she wasn’t exactly what I needed.”

Ignoring Ortiz-Magro’s blooming relationship with housemate and Kardashian BFF Malika Haqq, Dr. Darcy wondered why he wasn’t dating Sammi if she’s still on his mind after all of these years.

“I feel like the happier I get with Malika, the more Sam will just fade into just being a part of my history,” he said.

After rumors circulated about the reality stars' one-on-one, Haqq approached Ortiz-Magro to find out if he’s really ready to commit to her. 

"Are you really over her?” she asked, and he confirmed that he was.

The reality star recently gushed about Haqq to TooFab, saying they had something special from the start.

“You’ll see on the show we had a really, really strong connection right from the jump,” he said. “It was an automatic connection, just a bond, a friendship and we could just relate to each other, and stuff like that. You’ll see it ravel and unravel throughout the whole show.”

The pair have split since filming wrapped, and Haqq told TooFab that contrary to belief, they "are not friends, but we are friendly." The reality star also mentioned that their love could have just been a shoulder to lean on at the time.

“As incompatible as we turned out to be, one of the things that was extremely compatible was our love language is comfort, Haqq said. “So when we’re in such an uncomfortable environment, we became each others security blanket.”

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