President Trump and his family have launched a weekly Facebook show to spread "real news" about the administration, and as one of the original experts in the art of "fake news," comedian Stephen Colbert couldn't let this one go.

In Friday night's episode of "The Late Show," Colbert explained: "Trump has spent the last year saying the mainstream media is fake news - so now he’s finally fighting back. Because President Trump has launched his own news program on his Facebook page."

The low-budget show is hosted by Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump, wife of his second-eldest son Eric.

"Now, that looks like state-sponsored propaganda..." Colbert said, drawing laughter as he left the accusation hanging.

In a recent video Colbert also shared with the studio audience, Lara Trump declared, "Jobs, jobs, jobs! The unemployment rate is at the lowest point it has been since 2001. That is quite an incredible fact. The stock market is up, the economy is booming, ladies and gentlemen. And, jobs!"

Colbert quipped, "I think the teleprompter is just the president’s Twitter feed."

The late-night host pointed out that Trump's sign-off "... and that is the Real News" bore a striking resemblance to "The Late Show's" spoof segment "Real News Tonight," which they've been doing since the election.

But rather than get angry, Colbert simply added Lara as a special correspondent by editing her video into the latest "Real News Tonight" sketch, with co-anchors Jim Anchorton and Jill Newslady checking in to ask how the "jobs are jobbing."

Responding to Lara Trump's announcement that 800,000 new jobs were created since Trump took office, Jill said "Wow, eight hundred thousand! That's a big number!"

"The biggest number there is, Jill," her co-anchor said. "But tell us, Lara, what’s the latest on the president’s generosity?"

After praising Lara as "yet another incredible Trump" and "a brilliant vessel for children with sacred Trump blood in their veins," the Real News anchors wrapped their segment with input from Ivanka and Jared's pet dog.