Inside 'Passions' Reunion With Stars Lindsay Hartley, McKenzie Westmore, Galen Gering, Eric Martsolf (Exclusive Video)
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The Cast of 'Passions': Where Are They Now?

The cast of “Passions” is celebrating nine years since their finale episode aired on television.

The campy NBC soap opera created by the late James E. Reilly debuted in July 1999 and featured over-the-top battles between witches, talking dolls, incestuous hookups and even mermaids. Set in a fictitious New England called Harmony, the daytime series served as a launching pad for the Hollywood careers of Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel), Natalie Zea (recast for Liza Huber's Gwen) and "This Is Us" breakout Justin Hartley's (Fox).

TooFab had an exclusive look inside when the "Passions" cast reunited at Hollywood & Highland's Dave & Busters in July and chatted with the stars about their most ridiculous and emotional moments both in front and behind-the-camera.

“I think we’re really fortunate and the fact that we’re all here today and it does feel like we just haven’t seen each other for a drop in time even though it’s been so long, it shows what a special bond we had,” Lindsay Hartley said. “We started a show together from nothing and I think that’s what makes it so special ‘cause we worked together trying to build something to make it good and we hung in there until the end.”

When asked about emotional scenes, McKenzie Westmore who played Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald on the 5-time Emmy Award winning program finally opened up about what she went through mentally when her character gave birth to a child months after she had a miscarriage when she passed out on set.

“I was pregnant, had suffered a miscarriage, but they had already written the pregnancy into my storyline and they had my character in a pit for a long time and they had my character almost suffer a miscarriage herself, as I had already gone through my own miscarriage and then they had my character give birth,” she said. “That was really mentally hard for me to give birth to a baby on-camera having just months ago lost my own. So I read that and was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this right now.’ That was tough. I took a lot of therapy afterwards.”

But the cast also had some funny moments on-set since they had so much time on their hands to get into some trouble.

“There was always hijinks going on,” Eric Martsolf said. “I mean, I’m still on ‘Days of our Lives’ today and there’s such a time constraint that there’s really no time to goof around, but back in the day when we were doing ‘Passions’ it was a party. We just happened to put it on air and show it to America. But we laughed so much.”

The cast mostly gave Galen Gering and James Hyde props for those memorable belly laughs thanks to their consistent prank wars between each other and the show’s stage managers.

“The funniest thing was when I finished a scene on a Friday and everybody was like pissed ‘cause we had a long day. I walked off and [Galen] is waiting for me with baby powder and boom,” Hyde said. “I walk out and I go, ‘I hope that’s a take for the end of the day because if not, you know.”

Gering then chimed in to explain how angry everyone was because they first drenched Hyde in body lotion to make the baby powder really stick for quite some time.

“The stage manager was like, ‘Hold on. Okay, James come back.’ And he hadn’t seen him and James was like just completely destroyed and they were like, ‘Oh my god, you freaking idiots.’ They hated us.”

Gering also spoke about working with the infamous “nasty and smelly” orangutan, Precious who loved to regurgitate in his face for fun.

“I’d be holding it and it wore a diaper and then the diaper would be all squishy, oh the memories with that thing.”

Turns out the co-stars friendship started way before the first take too.

“I knew him before we even started the show,” Hyde said. “I’m on a flight from Miami and I go, ‘What are you doing?’ and he goes, ‘I’m going to read for this show.’ and I was like, ‘Me too.’ So we went out, we flew out together, we helped each other with lines even though I didn’t remember a damn thing after, but he ended up getting it and I ended up getting it and then our [dressing] rooms were next to each other.”

Click through the gallery above to see the rest of the cast now and find out which co-stars married each other, who dabbled in porn and what happened to Precious.

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