Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden faced off in a vicious rap battle on "Late Late Show" Monday night, and when we say vicious, we mean it.

"I feel bad for you, son, 'cause I'm the real star. No one knows who you are without Adele in a car. Be humble. Sit down. You're about to be 'Black Snake' owned. You look like a minion in two-tight clothes," Jackson spat before flipping Corden the middle finger.

"That was mean," Corden said, but his movie star guest wasn't fazed.

"Stop whining. Stop whining and bring it," Jackson fired back.

"People know you from 'Pulp Fiction' and other big hits, but 90 percent of your IMDb page is sh-t," Corden spewed.

No insult was off limits as the two ripped into each others' careers -- and career flops. Watch the epic "Drop the Mic" duel (above) to see who the crowd declared the winner.

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