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Lance Bass and "Sopranos" alum Jamie-Lynn Sigler are BFFs who do everything together, even psychic readings.

In TooFab's exclusive clip from Wednesday's season finale of "Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" the former *NSYNC star and Sigler connect with the actress' late brother Adam.

"He's coming across so funny. This individual would be somebody who would always make somebody laugh, would always be like, the feeling is, the center of attention," Henry said during the reading. "It comes across in such a funny way."

Sigler confirmed her brother "liked to make people laugh" and also "liked to be inappropriate and make people uncomfortable."

When Henry said he was getting references of Adam "hiking" up his pants, Sigler knew exactly what he was talking about.

"We made a ton of home movies. My brother Adam, when he was young, wanted to be a director," she explained, "it's probably how I got into acting and would force my other brother and I to be in his films. We would do movies and music videos and in one of the music videos he dressed like a dork."

"I knew Adam was going to come in immediately," Bass said after the reading, "he's chomping at the bit to talk to you as much as he can."

"To really feel that he got the essence of who my brother is was so confirming and so it was special, right off the bat," Sigler added.

"Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry" airs Wednesdays at 9 PM ET/PT on E!

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