Why Tyler Henry Thought Aaron Carter Was Bisexual and 5 More Fascinating Insights From the Hollywood Medium
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"Hollywood Medium" Tyler Henry had a feeling Aaron Carter was bisexual before the singer came out.

"Did you know Aaron Carter was going to come out as bisexual? Who knew," one of the hosts of the "Allegedly with Theo Von and Matthew Cpole Weiss" podcast asked the budding TV star, who regularly communicates between celebrities and their dead relatives.

"Who knew," Henry responded, as if he wasn't surprised by Carter's Twitter announcement earlier this month.

"You knew?" one of the hosts asked, prompting Henry to clarify, "I didn't know, but he was very close to Chris Crocker at one point, I mean..."

"So you knew on a logical sense," one of the hosts said and Henry added, "Well, I mean, he was a -- I'm very supportive."

"I've spoken to him, it would be great to read him at some point," Henry continued. "His dad passed, which I did know about, so I think he could benefit from some healing."

Here are five more fascinating discussion points that arose during the podcast.

Coming out as a medium was harder than coming out as gay

"There was such a reaction to it. I had people having prayer circles for me at the age of 10," Henry said about the reaction to his ability to communicate with the dead.

"Being a medium, a lot of religious people are like, 'ok. that's talking to the dead.' The bible talks about it in a very different context so I think there's more stigma to being a medium."

Sarah Paulson is the first celebrity he did a reading for

"She actually sent me an email, this was before I knew the show or anything, and she had heard of me because I was commuting back-and-fourth to L.A.," he said. "She sent me an email, we set up the appointment and I called her on the phone. The entire time my hand is shaking, and by the end, I put it down and my palms were soaking."

He would never read these two celebrities -- at least not on camera.

"I wouldn't read [OJ Simpson] because I feel like that would be exploitative. For me, it's one of those situations where there's certain people -- that would have to be private," he said. "I would imagine [Casey Anthony] wouldn't want to do it either."

Yes, his readings can be scary.

"Yes. I get scared sometimes if I don't know when a physical sensation is going to go away. For example, if I get a chest pain it's grandpa trying to say 'heart attack' and I verbalize 'grandpa had a heart attack' and the pain goes away. But there's sometimes that I'll verbalize and the pain is till there, and then it doesn't go away."

He could read Theresa Caputo's clients on "The Long Island Medium"

"I've never met her. I have watched her show. She had the show obviously before I had mine, so I would watch her show and sometimes I would get impressions about the clients."

Listen to the entire podcast below.

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