Which 'RHONY' Stars Voted for Trump and 3 More Must-See Moments from Part 2 of the Reunion
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The "Real Housewives of New York" were all in the hot seat over Donald Trump in Part 2 of the reunion, as they were asked to reveal who they voted for in 2016.

The most recent season of the show was filmed during the election and while it was clear that Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley were pro-Hillary Clinton, it was a little hazy when it came to the rest of the cast. During Wednesday's special, three of the ladies confirmed they voted for Clinton, three of them pled the fifth and one of them revealed she didn't vote at all.

Carole, Dorinda and Bethenny Frankel told Andy Cohen they cast their ballots for Hillary, though Frankel wasn't thrilled about doing it. "I didn't like this election, I didn't like my choices, I didn't think it was an ideal situation, but there you have it," she explained.

"As far as voting, I'm not going there, I'm pleading the fifth, it's just such a hot topic," Ramona Singer said after saying she knows Trump from visiting Mar-a-Lago "a number of times."

Sonja Morgan also opted not to say after explaining she knew Donald and Ivana Trump, has had lunches with the latter and her children and has a framed photo of Donald on her piano.

LuAnn de Lesseps said she had met both candidates at different events through the years, but also copped out on revealing who she voted for.

As for Tinsley Mortimer, she said she "wasn't able to vote" because she was "a Florida resident still and I didn't do it in time to get the ballot in." She added that voting is "not my thing," as Carole looked on shocked.

"Don't you feel like the people who said I'm not going to say voted for Trump?" Radziwill added, to Cohen's agreement.

Other interesting moments from Part 2 of the reunion:

  • LuAnn accused Sonja of hiring an actor to play her boyfriend -- AKA Frenchie -- on the current season. "Didn't you hear he's an actor?" she asked, "He seems very natureal on the show, doesn't he?" Carole said she had also heard "he was cast as Sonja's boyfriend" before Morgan shot the rumors down.

  • Carole explained that she and Adam "needed to take a moment" apart, which led to him moving out. That being said, they recently went on a trip to Spain together and she hasn't been seeing other people. When asked if he sees anyone else, Radziwill added, "I don't ask him. I would want to know but I can't say that it would bother me."

  • The second half of the episode revolved around Bethenny's volatile divorce from Jason Hoppy and his arrest for stalking her. "It's been a very negative, inexplicable situation that is now hopefully getting better," she explained, "I don't know what to say." She added that their daughter Brynn is "isolated" from the drama and she purposefully tried to keep the dirty details away from her co-stars. "I couldn't understand it," she said through tears, "how could I explain this to everybody? It is torture. So that's why I didn't explain it."

Part 3 of the reunion will air next Wednesday on Bravo.

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