As Texas braced for havoc from Hurricane Harvey, Bill Maher noted that it was the first natural disaster President Donald Trump will face during his presidency.

"The others he all caused himself," Maher said Friday night before turning his sights to Trump's latest disaster in Phoenix, Arizona.

The "Real Time" comedian slammed the president for what he referred to as his "rebuttal" speech this week in which instead of apologizing for his "both sides" remarks about the Charlotte, Virginia, tragedy he doubled down.

Maher said it was "a rebuttal to himself. That's the world we're living in. He was actually bragging about it! He tweeted the other day, 'Too bad the Dems have no one who can change tones.' It's called schizophrenia, dipsh-t!"

In fact, the state of the country has "gotten so bad that this week, the tabloids were describing Shia LaBeouf's behavior as 'erratic, bordering on presidential.'"

"It's gotten to the point that when he is merely hypocritical, it is reassuring," Maher said, ripping Trump and the Republican party for the 16-year war the U.S. has been in with Afghanistan.

"Republicans -- I gotta say they do like their war," Maher quipped. "Wives come and go, but war they're willing to work at."

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