UPDATE at 8:45am PT on 9/6/2017: On Thursday's show, the women of "The View" went off on Mike Huckabee after he criticized their behavior towards him on Wednesday. CLICK HERE to see how they reacted.

Original story below:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced off against the women of "The View" on Wednesday in a move that shocked even the show's panelists.

Sarah and her father Mike Huckabee, who also joined the discussion, went head-to-head against the women of the morning talk show as they tackled topics including Donald Trump's treatment of women and the media, his pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his latest decision about DACA.

"Who approved you coming here?! I'm shocked that you're here," a bewildered Joy Behar said near the top of the conversation, echoing the thoughts of everyone watching.

"Trump has said some horrifying things about women," Behar continued, asking Mike Huckabee how he could support his daughter defending POTUS on a regular basis.

"He's also empowered a lot of women," Huckabee said, citing his daughter's position as proof. "When people say, oh he's this, look at his history. When people say he's a racist, well he's been on this show many times."

"Yes, and I've said that to him, to his face," Whoopi Goldberg clapped back. When Sunny Hostin also pointed out his "well-documented history of racism," Mike said he "opened up Mar a Lago to Jewish people" -- prompting Hostin to add, "He didn't want black people there!"

"He says nicer things about neo-nazis than he does about President Obama," Joy then interjected.

"That's not true. That's cherry picking statements and making them into something they're not," Huckabee Sanders responded.

Jedediah Bila got more pointed with her questioning, asking Sarah if she personally, "as a woman," has struggled with some of what Trump has said.

"I've spent a lot of time with the president. I've never felt anything but respected and empowered to do what I'm there to do everyday and that is my job," she responded. I think he's an equal opportunity president, he hits men just as hard."

Tackling the administration's thorny relationship with the press, Huckabee Sanders said there's a "responsibility on both sides" to present the truth. "We have to be forth coming, we have to be honest, but it's also journalist's obligation to present facts and not opinions," she said, "to me, a good news story, is all the facts are presented and you don't know which side the author of the story is on."

"Is the media not supposed to report on the fact that 95% of what he says is a lie?" Behar then asked.

"The problem with that Joy, you are doing exactly what we're talking about and pushing a false narrative," Huckabee Sanders responded.

"5% of his statements are true. And I feel sorry for you, that you have to go out and defend those lies everyday," Behar shot back.

After Huckabee Sanders said "we should be championing for [Trump's] success because his success is America's success," Goldberg said, "You also have to get somebody in the office who recognizes what the truth is."

Whoopi then went in on Trump for championing the birther debate over Obama and his tweets on DACA, which seemed contradictory.

"The point of yesterday, you have a very intense legal battle and the timeline was not set by Donald Trump," Huckabee Sanders explained, saying Trump is now forcing "Congress to do their jobs."

The group also briefly touched on Trump's controversial pardon of Arpaio, with Mike Huckabee defending the sheriff by saying, "I know Joe Arpaio, I do not agree that he's a racist, he's 85-year-old man and he has enforced the law in his county." The comment was met by groans from the studio audience.

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