Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump's response to the North Korea threat may very well be an act of "genius." But if it backfires, it might "get us all killed."

The Comedy Central host analyzed Trump's apparent strategy on "The Daily Show" Tuesday night, and came to this conclusion: Trump is only threatening to stop doing business with ally countries in order to effectively show the dangerous Asian country that he's the actual crazy leader and he is not to be messed with.

"Anyone can threaten an enemy, but threatening the two countries he needs most to have on his side right now, that's genius," Noah said. "Trump is basically that guy right now in prison who proves he shouldn't be messed with by shanking his own friends. That's who he is."

The comedian's jokes stem from news that North Korea has apparently built its most powerful nuclear weapon yet that may have the capability to reach the United States. Dictator Kim Jong-un has already been photographed showing off the bomb "begging for war," but Noah is no longer scared now that he saw this death defying device is shaped like a peanut or, uh, a male body part.

But at the end of the day, Noah is hoping Trump's strategy will eventually terrify Jong-un enough to convince him to back down.

Still, Noah warned that likely won't be the case because Trump is "a total idiot and he's gonna get us all killed."

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