Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans would take climate change more seriously if ISIS started taking credit for hurricanes that ravage the United States.

He began a "Daily Show" segment Wednesday night about how Hurricane Harvey has led to Trump's first deal with congressional Democrats by addressing his "confusion" over climate change deniers beef with science.

"How many once-in-a-lifetime events is it gonna take in our lifetime for everyone to admit that maybe man-made climate change is real?" he asked. "You do realize that Hurricane Irma is the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded, and that is exactly the kind of thing that climate science predicts. In this part of the world, warmer oceans will lead to stronger hurricanes. I'm so confused."

"What is it going to take to get climate deniers to acknowledge this?" he asked, then introduced his own solution -- although it's unlikely to ever happen.

"Maybe we need ISIS to help us out," he said. "Maybe we go like, 'Hey, ISIS, I know we don't agree on stuff -- can you help us out here? Like maybe ISIS should start taking credit for hurricanes."

"Every time a hurricane hits, ISIS should be like, 'That was us, we sent that storm to destroy America,'" Noah joked. "Then Republicans will be like, 'That's ridiculous, you guys can't cause hurricanes.' And then [ISIS will] be like, 'Well then who causes hurricanes?' And they'll be like, 'They're caused by climate cha-- aw man, nicely played.'"

Noah went on to point out that Trump's first bipartisan deal with Democrats, who he's siding with in a move to raise the debt ceiling to avoid government shutdown, is a result of federal aid for Hurricane Harvey victims.

"It took a hurricane just to get the government to stay open, and staying open is square one, by the way. That's where you should be all the time, and then you should work," he said. "The government has shown that it still can function, the bad news is that it took a hurricane to get them going."

"The good news is that there's more hurricanes coming. The bad news is that they're hurricanes," he added. "At this rate, Americans are going to be hoping for natural disasters just so their government gets shit done."

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