The women of "The View" went to war with Mike Huckabee, after he ripped them all for their "irrational" behavior during his visit on Wednesday.

While Whoopi Goldberg said she thought the panel, Huckabee and daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a "really good discussion" on yesterday's show, he appeared on Fox News today telling "a different story."

"I didn't go in there thinking they were going to give me warm hugs and kisses. I've been there many times. I think its important that those of us who are conservative that we're willing to go into the lion's den, that we're not afraid, we've got a position we're willing to defend it," he said this morning. "Frankly, it juxtaposes our view and spirit versus theirs, which is full of anger and irrational anger towards the president."

Watch Huckabee's tense appearance on the show below:

That didn't sit well with the morning show hosts, who spent the first portion of today's show calling Huckabee out for his comments.

"We really worked hard to do a fair interview and I resent that you would do that ... I resent that you would do that because you would never say that about Stephen Colbert, you would never say that about Trevor Noah, so why are we irrational?" Goldberg asked. "We were not irrational, we asked you questions and told you how we felt and we allowed you to do the same."

"I think it's a feminine thing to say women are irrational, hysterical," added Joy Behar. "It's interesting he sees us as hating Trump irrationally, when the hatred towards Hillary Clinton and President Obama was like a hurricane level, it was a big big hatred for the two of them. I don't hate Trump, I don't like what he's doing."

Jedediah Bila got heated over Huckabee's words too.

"When you're a right wing talking head, and I was one, what you're trained to do is to go into the 'liberal cesspool' and 'lion's den' and you go in there and defend your point and go back to the friendly zone and you say, 'they're out of touch with America,'" she explained. "That doesn't work here, Mike, because I am a conservative and I didn't vote for Trump, I am standing for conservative principles, you don't get to say you came here in the 'liberal media.'

"I sat right here and it's not irrational I opposed Donald Trump. Donald Trump's character was questionable. Donald Trump has gone on Twitter rants that have insulted foreign policy leaders, insulted people in the intelligence community, media figures," she continued.

"There are people out here that stand for principles and I am one of them, these women are one of them and you don't get to pull is in media whatever, no!" she shouted.

"I'm just saying man, don't do that," Goldberg added. "We didn't do that to you. We do know you and we respected your daughter and I'm kind of pissed off about this Mike. It's not right."

She ended the rant with this: "I've never been irrational except when it comes to my pizza."