We Interrupt Hurricane Irma Coverage to Alert You of Tara Reid's Latest Man-Made Disaster
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While TooFab's team is genuinely hoping and praying that Hurricane Irma doesn't do damage to Florida this weekend and that anybody in the storm's path stays safe, we can't help but bring attention to another disaster: Tara Reid's next movie.

The "American Pie" and "Sharknado" actress is starring alongside Dean Cain in "Andy the Talking Hedgehog." Based on the cover art for the low-budget family film Reid tweeted out late Thursday night, it looks like a perfect storm of bad acting and an even worse premise.

Feast your eyes on this man-made disaster below:

If you're wondering where the poorly Photoshopped poster got those images, including a suspiciously young Reid, one Twitter sleuth figured it out.

But wait, it gets better. Or worse. Read the summary on IMDb, and then you decide.

Tara Reid brings her Oscar award winning prowess to this documentary about a hedgehog that Dean Cain farted on giving it the ability to talk. It's a fun loving family movie that will for sure make you say "WOWZA. That's a stinky fart!"

Let that sink in. There's a movie coming out about a Dean Cain fart so stinky it gives a hedgehog the power to talk, and Ms. Reid plays the "Fairy BFF."

Unfortunately, TooFab couldn't track down a trailer, although the movie is apparently in post-production and is slated to be released in 2017.

But we have lots of questions:

  1. Is this movie even real? (the director's representative has not yet responded to TooFab's request for comment)

  2. Was the movie's IMDb page hacked?

  3. Is Tara Reid aware of how truly awful this movie looks?

  4. Is this movie supposed to look truly awful?

  5. Could this movie actually end up being the best bad movie ever?

  6. Why would Dean Cain's character fart on a hedgehog?

  7. Was a real hedgehog used to film the scene?

  8. Will PETA be upset about it?

  9. Was Tara Reid treated better on the set of a movie about a Dean Cain fart than she was on the set of "Sharknado 5: Global Swarming"?

  10. What day does "Andy the Talking Hedgehog" come out and how can we watch it?

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