"Real Time" host Bill Maher is finding the path of Hurricane Irma incredibly ironic when it comes to those who deny climate change exists.

"The deniers all have beach houses in the way of the storm," Maher said on his show Friday night. "Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, the Koch brothers all have houses that are gonna be wiped out, probably."

"I'm not gloating. It's just an inconvenient truth," he continued, referencing Al Gore's documentary of the same name.

All joking matters aside, Maher did take a moment to speak to his fans in Florida directly, telling them to stop watching his show and "get the f-k out right now."

"I'm seeing colors on the Hurricane maps I've never seen before," he said before comparing the colors to Donald Trump's physical features.

"If you see yellow like Trump's hair, take extra care," he added. "If you see orange like his face, shelter in place and red like his ties to Russia, just evacuate now."

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