13 More Photos That Prove Chris Cuomo Is Hot AF

CNN's Chris Cuomo was all over Twitter on Friday, but it had little to do with his on-air Hurricane Irma coverage.

After trading his buttoned-up suits for a tight t-shirt, the reporter started trending as viewers watched his live shots from Miami, Florida from inside the safety of their own homes.

The topic at hand: his surprisingly buff body!

Some of the chatter even got back to Cuomo himself, who responded to one fan who tweeted, "I really like and respect @ChrisCuomo but when he's on I'm thinking "I need to go to the gym". More Complex Carbohydrates Chris." His response: "I am all show - you are all go."

view photos Instagram Chris Cuomo and 7 More TV News Anchors with Surprising Beach Bods

Check out some of the thirstiest reactions below.

View Photos Instagram 13 Photos That Prove Chris Cuomo Is Hot AF