Trevor Noah watched Steve Bannon's highly anticipated "60 Minutes" Sunday and just wished the man "stayed in the shadows."

"It's like Donald Trump took a dump while he was tweeting and wished that dump would be a real boy," the "Daily Show" host joked.

Although Noah expected all of Bannon's responses to be predictable, the Comedy Central late-night host found Bannon's take on immigration to be particularly interesting considering the former White House chief strategist's family history.

"I don't even know why he's fighting about this," Noah said. "We all know America is a nation of immigrants."

And in order to prove his point, Noah hired a professional genealogist to dig into Bannon's ancestry and discovered that "Bannon's great-great grandfather Lawrence Bannon arrived in the U.S. from Ireland by the 1850s, at a time when America's borders were so open that Irishmen could just walk into the country with no passports, no visas, no background checks of any kind."

"So in many ways, Steve Bannon's great grandfather was a Dreamer," Noah said. "Yeah, and his great grandson is a f-cking nightmare."

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