Why 'Sex and the City' Designer Patricia Field Thinks NY Fashion Week Is 'Lackluster' and 'Narcissistic' (Exclusive)
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Although Patricia Field attended this year's New York Fashion Week, she's not the fan she once was of the annual industry event.

The fashion designer, best known for her iconic fashion styling of "Sex and the City" and "The Devil Wears Prada", told TooFab the concept of Fashion Week has changed drastically since its early days.

"Honestly, these days with the internet, it's like going to fashion shows is a chore," she said of the event that ran from Sept. 7-13. "I've done them all my life; it's not something new for me, so it doesn't affect me that much. The whole zeitgeist in fashion is part of it. It's very lackluster, so to speak. There are many reasons for it, and it's not just on the designer -- the whole system has undergone changes."

Field grew up in 1960s America, a time she described as "optimistic."

"We were going out into space, people were making clothes that looked like astronauts and airline stewardess," she said. "I feel like today -- based on many factors including the fast fashion, the global market, the chain stores -- I think people look like they wear 'depression wear.' The colors, the shapelessness -- it's not inspired."

"But it's not only fashion," Field added. "I think it's the whole cultural landscape."

Field said the idea of being elite rather than the artwork of the designers and the experience of their shows has become the focus of NYFW for many who attend.

"Fashion and fashion shows became so industry that it became very subjective and narcissistic and overly professional," she said. "I would always complain that when I would go to fashion shows the more I want to get dressed up! I want to get dressed up a little more; you're a part of the scene. If you sit there in your black dress taking notes, I mean, there's nothing spectacular about it."

So why did Field even go this year?

"I always admire the designers who make a show, and I believe that it's important to support that," she said, naming John Galliano, Thierry Mugler and Karl Lagerfeld as some of the designers she admires. "It's the environment of the fashion that [these designers are] presenting that's more of the narrative. Just running these models up and down the runway expressionless is not every inspiring, so I believe that's a factor, of course."

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