'IT' Star Jack Dylan Grazer Was Just as Scared as You Were While Watching the Horror Blockbuster (Exclusive)
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The child actor who plays Eddie in "IT" tells TooFab the viewing experience is radically different from filming it on set.

"IT" star Jack Dylan Grazer was just as scared as everyone else while watching the horror blockbuster, the child actor who plays Eddie Kaspbrak in the Stephen King adaptation told TooFab.

"Actually, yeah," Grazer said when asked if he found the movie frightening after being a part of the production. "When we're filming it, like you know, something is there, like the material is right there in front of you, but then once they add like CGI in post and all that stuff, it changes a lot."

"Like the scene in the garage when Pennywise pops out of the wall. It was ginormous," Grazer continued. "I remember when we were shooting that there was a grip holding like a big cut out picture of Pennywise and she was like, 'And ahh, he's coming at you' and we were like, 'ah,' but it turned out really good to be honest with you. It looks really good."

Grazer, one of many fabulous child actors in the R-rated killer clown movie, spoke to TooFab on Tuesday at Los Angeles PaleyFest, where he was busy promoting the premiere of his new CBS sitcom "Me, Myself and I," in which he co-stars with "SNL" album Bobby Moynihan.

"To be honest with you, I kind of enjoyed those really intense scenes where he's like grabbing me and screaming in my face and spinning me and punching me and stuff," he added. "I remember one scene after he was done choking me and stuff, he goes, 'Jack, are you okay?' And I was like, 'Yeah! That was so much fun! I love what you're doing with the character, like let's do that again.'"

Grazer also told TooFab he visited the IT Experience in Los Angeles -- a pop-up haunted house modeled after Pennywise's house in the movie -- and thought the adventure was pretty accurate.

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