Harvey Levin on Most Suprising Thing He Learned About Judge Judy During 'Objectified' Episode
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Levin tells TooFab: "She once put her whole career on hold because her husband told her that her job was a hobby."

TMZ creator and executive producer Harvey Levin will host a new series called "Objectified" on Fox News Channel Sunday night which will give viewers an inside look into the lives of the world's biggest stars.

The series will showcase Levin's intimate interviews with high-profile newsmakers or celebrities, who will tell their life story through sentimental personal objects they have chosen to keep close over the years. The objects serve as jumping points in understanding how experiences shaped them into who they are today.

TooFab sat down with Levin in our studio on Friday to discuss Sunday's debut episode which will feature CBS Television's syndicated TV queen Judge Judy Sheindlin as his first guest.

"She is what everybody knows, which is this fiercely independent, strong, fierce woman who does not suffer fools." Levin told TooFab.

"What you don't know is that she is also a woman who needs a husband, feels like she has to be married, feels like women are nurturers by nature, men are warriors... and she once put her whole career on hold because her husband told her that her job was a hobby and she sat for five years raising a couple of kids and watching soap operas in the country and just put her career on ice."

Levin dives into why Sheindlin put herself in that position and how she reconciled these opposing sides of her personality.

"She has a traditional view of women that is probably partly because of her age, but partly it's not her age because Judge Judy was never held back because she's a woman and never felt that so she's always been this kind of person whose been very independent professionally, very dependent personally," Levin said.

The lineup for the 10-episode Fox News series also features Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tyler Perry, Mark Cuban, Shaquille O'Neal, Hulk Hogan, Simon Cowell and Martha Stewart.

TooFab asked Levin what first word came to mind for each of his "Objectified" interview subjects and he instantly joked, "Well, it's going to be more than one word."

He then teased some interesting tidbits about all of them, including Perry.

"Inspirational. He should be dead based on the way his childhood kind of rolled out. It was a nightmare and how he persevered and succeed is remarkable."

"Objectified" premieres on Fox News Channel Sunday, Sept. 17 at 8 ET.

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