Seth MacFarlane Reveals the One Thing Off Limits During Donald Trump's Comedy Central Roast
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Martha Stewart also tells Andy Cohen on "WWHL" that she was once supposed to "fire" Trump on "The Apprentice."

Seth MacFarlane roasted the hell outta Donald Trump back in 2011, but there was one topic he was told specifically not to touch during the Comedy Central special.

"I have a vague memory of being told, 'You can joke about whatever you want, just don't joke about the bankruptcy, that's the one thing that's off limits,'" the "Family Guy" creator told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday.

"I think at the time we kind of gave a sh-t about what he thought," he added.

(Side note: Isn't it wild the current President of the United States was once the guest of honor on a recurring TV special that also roasted the likes of Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff, Bob Saget and Pamela Anderson? We're living in crazy times, people.)

A caller then asked the "WWHL" guest which of his metaphorical prey -- Sheen or Trump -- was more offended by his respective roasts.

"I don't think anyone was offended," he replied. "I think Charlie is a bit more human -- it probably got to him a little more, but anyone who signs up for that knows what they're in for. Both of them on the day were good sports."

"That's interesting considering how thin-skinned Donald Trump is," Cohen said. "But on the flip side, he loves people talking about him, so that must've been a very odd day for him."

Sitting beside MacFarlane was Martha Stewart, who chimed in with her own Trump story.

"Did you know I was supposed to fire the Donald when I had 'The Apprentice' show?" Stewart said. "I did one season, and the whole deal -- and I accepted the deal -- was because they were gonna let me fire him from his show and then I was gonna take it over, but he didn't like that."

"We could've probably saved a lot," she added.

"Could you go up there now and make it happen," Cohen joked.

Watch the best bites of Trump's Comedy Central roast in the video below.

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