Aww, 17 People Who Think Hollywood Cares They're Boycotting the Emmys

Stephen Colbert is a Nazi! And a Communist! And Trump jokes suck! #BoycottEmmys!

Another Hollywood award show, another bunch of angry Americans who want everyone to know they won't be tuning into the Emmys tonight.

While #Emmys is busy dominating Twitter, there's a fringe hashtag, #BoycottingEmmys, begging for attention -- and they just got their wish.

Our favorite reasons for the "boycott" (a.k.a. spending your Sunday doing whatever you want to and/or watching something else that tickles your fancy) range from people hating on Stephen Colbert for being an "anti American commie piece of shit" as well as being a "Nazi" (despite the fact that the Communist Soviet Union trounced the Nazis during World War II, so, uh, which is it?) to avoiding Trump jokes, the possibility of "Saturday Night Live" winning an Emmy and all those liberal/libtard/libturd celebrities blabbering on about climate change, or something.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee wins the Emmy for worst "joke" to announce his decision to skip the Television Academy's annual ceremony, since he pretty much said the exact same thing earlier this year to bash the Oscars.

OK, we get it, Mike Huckabee really likes colonoscopies.

Anyway, here are 16 more patriots who really want you to know they're not watching, er uh, "boycotting" the Emmys.

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