Emmys in Memoriam: Here's What Viewers Are Upset About This Year
Emmy Awards 2017: Inside the Hottest Show Moments

Social media is seething over the inclusion of a controversial TV executive and the exclusion of a beloved comedian.

Hollywood award shows' "in memoriam" segments almost never go over well in the age of Twitter, and Sunday's Emmys were no exception.

Some viewers were none too pleased with the inclusion former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes during the segment that paid tribute to the recently deceased, including actors Adam West and John Heard.

The disgraced executive died in May of this year after a slew of sexual allegations against him from some of the channel's top female personalities ended his career. Among the accusers were Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson.

Some viewers were also upset that one dead actor that wasn't included. Notably absent from the reel of honor was Charlie Murphy, the former "Chappelle's Show" star, who is also and Eddie Murphy's older brother. The comedian died in April of this year after a battle with leukemia.

See some of the gnarliest reactions from seething social media below.

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