Tamra Judge Rips Into 'Disgusting' Rumor Husband Is Gay on 'WWHL'
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"That we're still talking and trying to humiliate or bring somebody down because they're gay is disgusting," says the "Real Housewife of Orange County" star.

Tamra Judge is disgusted by the rumors that her husband Eddie might be gay.

After Andy Cohen played her a clip of her "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-stars discussing the possibility, he let Tamra have the floor.

"I think that in today's day and age that we're still talking and trying to humiliate or bring somebody down because they're gay is disgusting," Tamra said on "Watch What Happens Live" Monday night while Eddie watched from the audience. "Who are they to say that? Let's say he was! Who are they to throw him out of the closet like that? I just think it's absolutely sickening."

Tamra added that the entire scene was "totally staged" by co-star Vicki [Gunvalson]. "It was quite evident by the bad acting," she said.

Coincidentally, Tamra's hairdresser Julius was "gay bashed" earlier that day.

"Somebody came up and physically hurt him," she explained. "We put stuff like this on TV and we accuse people of 'you're gay' or 'you're this' or 'you're that.' We're feeding into people that want to bash people, and I think that it was kind of sick."

After the episode initially aired, Tamra called out her Bravo co-stars on Instagram.

"How orchestrated and wrong was that? The worst acting I've ever seen. They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it's okay to try and Out a straight man hoping to humiliate him," she wrote. "Well guess what it didn't work ! It's not the 1920's and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Vicki was 100 percent behind this and I hope she loses her job just like Phaedra."

The last line mentioning Vicki was later deleted, with Judge adding, "We all know who was behind this .... bye," in its place.

Gretchen Rossi took to social media to respond to Tamra.

"Talk about reaching, this post takes the cake even for Tamra. Some of my dearest & best friends are part of the LGBTQ community...I am not homophobic in any way! No one was trying to 'out' anyone," Rossi wrote.

"Kelly [Dodd] was only pointing out that Vicki didn't start the rumor and Lizzie [Rovsek] pointed out that Tamra has known about this rumor going around town for years. By the reaction on all our faces no one could have anticipated what Ricky [Santana] was going to say when asked if he knew if Eddie was gay (which I only asked him because I knew he had been best friends with Tamra for 13 plus years and if anyone he might know)," she continued. "Besides it's only 'outing' someone if he is actually gay....which she adamantly denies and just for the record Vicki Did not set anything up!!"

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