19 of Trump's Favorite Twitter Targets

SHOCKER: Trump's Emmy diss tweet is factually incorrect on even the most basic level.

Stephen Colbert declared Donald Trump's tweet about the Emmys "factually incorrect" on Wednesday night when responding to the criticism.

"I was saddened to see how bad the ratings were on the Emmys last night - the worst ever," Trump tweeted Tuesday. "Smartest people of them all are the 'DEPLORABLES.'"

First off, Colbert doesn't even understand why Trump is sad about Emmys ratings.

"This is not something to be sad about. I'm not even sad about it, and I was the host of the Emmys," he said. "But I do want to point out, that every single part of that tweet was factually incorrect."

"The Emmys weren't last night from when he tweeted it, they were Sunday," Colbert continued. "And it wasn't the worst rated Emmys, because according to the Nielson ratings, 11.4 million people watched it, slightly more than last year's lowest-ever audience of 11.3 million."

"That's right, we had the second-worst ratings of all time. In your face," Colbert said, then celebrated the accomplishment by leading his audience in a "we suck less" chant.

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