Trevor Noah Thinks It's Funny AF Sean Spicer Can't Find a New Job
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"I can't picture him doing any job well," the "Daily Show" host says.

Sean Spicer is struggling in the job-hunting department, and Trevor Noah is certainly not passing up the opportunity to kick the former White House press secretary when he's down.

All major networks -- including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and CNN -- have passed on having Spicer as a paid contributor, citing a lack of credibility as the reason. So does that mean Melissa McCarthy's -- errrrr -- Sean Spicer's surprise appearance at this year's Emmys was the last time we'll see him? Noah sure hopes so.

"I can't believe that every network turned him down," the comedian said on "The Daily Show" Wednesday. "And the sad part is that he didn't even ask. They just pre-rejected him."

Noah thinks the rejection from networks has less to do with his lack of credibility and more to do with "the fact that he's bad at speaking words."

The late-night host spliced together a video montage of all the times the former White House staffer stumbled over his words during press briefings.

"I almost feel bad for Sean Spicer because I can't picture him doing any job well," Noah said, trying really hard not to bust out laughing. "Like, can you imagine him as a hostage negotiator? 'Listen here, buddy, you need to kill the hostages and let go of yourself...wait, wait,, no, no...hello? Hello? Handled. It's handled. It's good. It's good.'"

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