'Fuller House' Star Andrea Barber Calls Season 3 Tokyo Trip 'Controversial' and Promises 'Cliffhanger' (Exclusive Video)
Behind the Scenes of 'Fuller House'

Actress who plays Kimmy Gibbler tells TooFab there's a "little bit of a controversial reason" behind Tokyo trip.

"Fuller House" has a "cliffhanger" and "controversial" trip to Japan in store for fans this season, star Andrea Barber told TooFab ahead of today's Season 3 premiere on Netflix.

But Barber, who plays fan favorite Kimmy Gibbler, told us at PaleyFest in Los Angeles that fans won't get to see the cast head to Tokyo just yet. Despite being a plot point teased in the "Fuller House" trailer released last week, she said fans have to wait until the second half of the season drops on Netflix at a later date.

"Season three is the big lead up to our episode in Tokyo, which you won't see in this half of the season. You'll see it in the second half of the season, which is released at a later date," Barber told TooFab. "But you'll get to find out why we're going to Tokyo, which is a little bit of a controversial reason. There's a little bit of a cliffhanger involved with that, as well."

Barber filled TooFab in on what to expect in the first half of Season 3, though.

"It's summertime. Season 3 starts on the first day of summer break, so the kids are excited, the adults are excited, we have lots of summer fun in the backyard. We do 4th of July, we have a food fight, it's just a lot of family togetherness," she said.

The controversy that Barber teased may have something to do with C.J.(Virginia Williams) and Steve's (Scott Weinger) wedding preparations since DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure), who is supposed to become a bridesmaid for the romantic occasion, is still not fully over her high school sweetheart.

Since Season 3 of the Netflix reboot started streaming exactly 30 years since "Full House" premiered on ABC, TooFab asked Barber what fans have asked her about most frequently in the past three decades.

"People are still talking about my feet, like my stinky feet, 'Don't take your shoes off!' Like people will still say that," she said. "Anytime I post a picture of my cute, fashionable shoes or anything, people are like, "Oh my God, don't take your shoes off, your feet stink" and I'm like that was 30 years ago and people are still talking about that."

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