Jimmy Kimmel Targets Trump In Brutal Round 3 of His Health Care Battle
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"We haven't seen this many people come forward to speak out against a bill since Cosby," the late night host joked.

Jimmy Kimmel isn't done with his battle over health care and Thursday night, he had his sights fixed on Donald Trump as he brutally laid into the president's support of the Graham-Cassidy bill and his own qualifications.

"For Donald Trump, this isn't about the Graham-Cassidy bill. It's about Obamacare, which he hates, because Obama's name is on it," Kimmel said, addressing POTUS' tweet defending the bill. "He likes to have his name on things: buildings, vodka, you name it. At this point he would sign anything if it meant getting rid of Obamacare. He'd sign copies of the Quran at the Barnes and Noble in Fallujah if it meant he could get rid of Obamacare."

Trump also called Cassidy a "class act who really cares about people" and "doesn't lie-just wants to help people" in a tweet seemingly addressing Kimmel's battle over the bill. Kimmel, however, doesn't even think Trump has read the bill he's supporting.

"I guarantee he doesn't know anything about this Graham-Cassidy bill," he said. "He doesn't know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid; he barely knows the difference between Melania and Ivanka!"

Kimmel also addressed his critics who say he's not "qualified" to be speaking out on health care, once again calling out Trump.

"I think you people forget, Bill Cassidy named this bill after me. Am i just supposed to be quiet about that?" he asked. "I feel like it's my duty to remind people who are so concerned about my qualifications, the guy you voted for for president, his job qualification was this: he fired Meat Loaf on television and then you put him in the White House."

Of Cassidy himself, Kimmel added that he does "admire" some of the Senator's past work and said he just wants him "to keep doing good things."

"This plan is not a good thing. His supporters say, 'Well he's a doctor and you’re not, what do you know?' To them I say, all of these very reputable associations — American Diabetes Association, American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, the list goes on and on — all of these groups populated by doctors say this health care bill is bad, they're against it," he said. "We haven't seen this many people come forward to speak out against a bill since Cosby."

Kimmel's fight against the Graham-Cassidy Bill started earlier this week, after Cassidy broke his word to the talk show host to ensure all children have access to health care.

Cassidy first appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" back in May, where he initiated the "Jimmy Kimmel Test," promising that "no family should be denied medical care, emergency or otherwise because they can't afford it." According to Kimmel, however, Cassidy's latest bill sings a different tune.