Barbra Streisand Imagines 2017 With A President Hillary Clinton In Powerful Op-Ed
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"America would be stronger, more secure, and more respected today under Hillary Clinton's leadership," writes the singer.

As Americans approach the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump's presidential victory over Hillary Clinton, Barbra Streisand imagines a United States run by the latter.

The singer, actress, director, producer and activist wrote an op-ed for The Huffington Post in which she imagines what this country would be like today if Clinton had emerged the winner last Nov. 8.

"Many of us are stressed every day wondering what craziness Trump will inflict on the world," Streisand wrote. "Perhaps we should consider what might have been, the what ifs of a Hillary win, what has been lost and what opportunities were squandered this year."

Here are the five biggest differences Babs envisioned:

Health Care Under President Clinton

"Rather than millions of Americans waking up worrying about losing their health care, President Hillary Clinton would have worked with Congress (yes, even a Republican Congress) to place Obamacare on firm footing for the future. Hillary’s deep knowledge of the issues and lifelong concern for women, children and poor Americans would have made her a fantastic leader in healthcare reform this year."

Paris Climate Accord Under President Clinton

"President Hillary Clinton would not have withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. We are now the only country not to join except for Syria."

Diplomacy Under President Clinton

"Rather than eviscerating the State Department and ranting and raving at the United Nations, President Hillary Clinton would have promoted diplomacy," writes Barbra.

"North Korea would have known that they could launch missiles if they chose, but that they would face a determined — and unified — coalition of nations opposed to their provocation. They would not have been facing this blustery man in the White House who has alienated our allies and insulted other nations at the UN. Lacking basic diplomatic skills, he is a bull in a china shop. America would be stronger, more secure, and more respected today under Hillary Clinton's leadership."

Immigration Under President Clinton

"Immigrant fathers and mothers and their children who had worked hard for years, and tried to contribute, would not be rounded up and put in jail. President Hillary Clinton would have treated immigrants with dignity and respect, acknowledging that we comprise a nation of immigrants. Her policies would have protected the vulnerable young "Dreamers" from threats of inevitable deportation."

LGBT Policies Under President Clinton

"Trump is eviscerating protection for gay and transgender people. Our transgender soldiers are left to wonder what fate awaits them after Trump's military transgender ban. Even the Pentagon was caught off guard and wants to slow down this ban. President Hillary Clinton would have expanded the Obama Administration's LGBT policies."

Read Streisand's full piece over at The Huffington Post.

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