Hollywood Stars #TakeTheKnee In Support of NFL Protests Against Donald Trump
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"As a football fan, I am proud of the NFL players today," Ellen DeGeneres shares. "Nothing is more American than the right to peacefully protest."

After President Donald Trump condemned athletes who kneel during the National Anthem, Hollywood vowed to #TakeTheKnee on Twitter in support of the protest.

The social media call to action was sparked by POTUS' insistence on Friday that anyone protesting the American flag at athletic events should be "fired." In response to Trump's weekend-long swipes at the NFL, athletes and coaches across the country kneeled, locked arms or just plain stayed in the locker rooms during the singing of the National Anthem at their Sunday games.

"If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast," Trump tweeted again Sunday morning. "Fire or suspend!"

"...NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN," he added. "Boring games yes, but many stay away because they love our country. League should back U.S."

Trump then posted that "standing with locked arms is good."

John Legend wrote an entire op-ed for Slate in response to the movement, detailing why "these conversations are necessary for progress."

"The kneeling players are asking America to do better on criminal justice. If I could, I'd take a knee and join them," the singer-songwriter wrote. "Trump may love the flag, but he doesn't love anything it's supposed to stand for."

"I sing for a living," he continued. "No one would want me on their NFL team. But if I could, I'd take a knee on Sundays. Because these conversations are necessary for progress. Because these protests are their own form of a pledge-of-allegiance -- allegiance to the ideals that are our nation's founding principles, which many heroes have given their lives to defend. They are the definition of patriotism."

See how the rest of Hollywood is showing its support for the NFL and all other athletic organizations retaliating against Trump in the tweets below.

Russell Simmons wasn't thrilled with how some showed support, however, tweeting:

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