Channing Tatum Auditions James Corden for 'Magic Mike Live' and the Result Is Glorious
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"Late Late Show" begs the movie star for a chance to perform in the Las Vegas show.

James Corden left CBS studios for the day to audition for a new role in Channing Tatum's Las Vegas show "Magic Mike Live."

But the overly confident late-night host quickly got a reality check when Tatum had to explain to him that he wasn't what they were looking for.

"I'm sorry man, but I don't know if you're exactly 'Magic Mike' material, if you will," the actor said. "Well, you need stamina, you need sexiness and you need, uh, abs."

Corden quickly rebutted the actor's criticism, insisting he has everything he needs to make the ladies swoon. He then continued to beg Tatum for a chance by calling him a series of pet names including "Channing Channing Bang Bang" and "Catch Me If You Chan."

Tatum had no sympathy for Corden until the sniffles came, which were enough to make the "Step Up" star give Corden the mentorship needed to master the stripping basics, from a dance routine to a seductive cowboy movie.


Once Tatum felt confident in Corden's abilities, he sent the late-night host to a "Magic Mike" show to strut his stuff on stage. "James, this is what we have worked so hard for. OK, you ready?" Tatum said backstage. "We're going to go out there and make every single one of these screaming, horny, beautifully drunk women - we're going to give them the night of their life."


**See how that goes in the video below as Corden performs with the "Magic Mike" gang to the tune of 50 Cent's "Candy Shop."**
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