Caitlyn Jenner's Glam Style

Confusion over how to refer to the transgender reality star led to a dropped expletive on this morning's show.

Sara Haines was left red faced Thursday morning when she accidentally dropped the s-bomb live on air during "The View."

The co-hosts were discussing Kim Kardashian's latest slam against Caitlyn Jenner when it happened, as they all struggled to keep their pronouns straight for the transgender reality star.

In a clip from Sunday's premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim called Caitlyn a liar and "not a good person" for saying their father, Robert Kardashian, believed OJ Simpson was guilty or murder. "The View" women argued whether Jenner should have included personal opinions and stories like that in her memoir.


"You can write about you, but if the person is dead and they can't defend themselves, I think you have to take that off the table," said Whoopi Goldberg. "When you make an accusation like that and the kids are stunned, the wife is stunned and everybody's like what the hell, I think you have to be careful. He can't get out the grave."

"It's a he said ... it's a she said/she said," added Joy Behar, tripping over her words. "I wouldn't do it but it's still his or hers ... I keep getting my pronoun mixed up. She has to write a book that has to sell."

"You have to talk about Kris because Kris was a direct part of his life... Shit!" said Haines as she realized her mistake. Luckily, the censors were able to mute her just in time.

"I'm sorry," Haines said.

Then moderator Whoopi moved on to the next topic.

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