Hurricane Hollywood Storms Trump on Twitter for Lashing Out at San Juan Mayor Demanding Puerto Rico Aid
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President gets triggered by San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz demanding more government aid after Hurricane Maria: "I am done being politically correct. I am mad as hell."

Donald Trump slammed the mayor of San Juan for "poor leadership ability" on Twitter Saturday morning, and Hollywood stars including Chris Evans, Lady Gaga and Lin-Manuel Miranda -- who is of Puerto Rican descent -- are slamming the president right back.

"She has been working 24/7. You have been GOLFING. You're going straight to hell. Fastest golf cart you ever took," the "Hamilton" creator tweeted.

Trump's cranky tweets came after San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz made a public plea for POTUS to pay attention to the U.S. territory in a news conference on Friday. "We are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy," Cruz said.

"This is what we got last night," she continued. "Four pallets of water, three pallets of meals and 12 pallets of infant food, which I gave them to the people of Comerio, where people are drinking off a creek. So I am done being polite. I am done being politically correct. I am mad as hell."

Instead of taking action, Trump criticized Puerto Rican officials and accused Democrats of telling Cruz, "You must be nasty to Trump."

Read what Hollywood has to say about the public debate:
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