How a 'Mean Girls' Cast Text Led to GoFundMe for Vegas Shooting Victims (Exclusive)

TooFab reveals details how the movie's October 3rd #MeanGirlsDay became a charitable call to action.

The "Mean Girls" cast is putting pop culture's obsession with the movie to good use, and scrambled to put together a fundraiser for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting in time to launch on Oct. 3. TooFab learned exclusive details on how the project came together.

For those living under a rock, "Mean Girls Day" -- which is celebrated annually on Oct. 3 by fans worldwide -- was born out of scene in which Lindsay Lohan's character Cady Heron gets asked what day it is by her crush Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett) to which he responds: "It's October 3."

Fans of the 2004 comedy got a nice surprise Tuesday morning when they discovered a video posted on social media featuring Bennett ("Looks sexy with his hair pushed back"), Amanda Seyfried (Karen "Boo You Whore" Smith), Lacey Chabert (Gretchen "So Fetch" Wieners) and Daniel Franzese (Damian "Too Gay to Function" Leigh) asking fans of the "Mean Girls" to log onto a GoFundMe page benefiting the victims of Sunday's horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 59 people and injured over 500 who were attending the Route 91 Harvest festival.

TooFab was told that Bennett, Seyfried, Franzese and Chabert, who are still friends and remain in regular contact, wanted to use this year's October 3rd "Mean Girls Day" for something even bigger than a social media homage full of funny memes, gifs and throwback quote posts.

The four stars were texting on Tuesday and there was no hesitation when it was suggested the cast use "Mean Girls October 3" to raise money for a GoFundMe page benefiting Vegas victims. But the actors needed to move quickly in order for a video to be edited on the West Coast by Bennett's pal Brian Tyler Cohen, who also set up the page.

Seyfried is overseas filming the "Mama Mia" sequel and sent her video from on-location. Chabert, who is filming a TV movie, also sent her video via text. Bennett shot his video on a flight traveling from LA to New York, where he will appear a Yelp "Mean Girls" event on Tuesday night.

But of course the question you're asking like TooFab immediately was: Where the hell are Regina George, Cady Heron and Janis Ian? Why aren't "Mean Girl" stars Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan and Lizzy Caplan, respectively, included in the video?

TooFab is told there is "absolutely no bad blood or drama" but simply logistics. The idea came together on the fly and due to time zone differences and scheduling conflicts they were unable to reach the three actresses before it needed to be edited.

But stay tuned because TooFab was told there might just be an additional surprise coming your way.

UPDATE, Thursday, Oct. 4, 2017 2:53 P.T.: As TooFab reported yesterday, here is the surprise we were talking about.

The **"Mean Girls" Oct. 3 GoFundMe** presents Cady Heron, Kevin G and Janice Ian:
Watch the 3-minute video "October 3" featuring the "Mean Girls" stars below. **Click here to donate**. View Photos Everett Collection/Getty "Mean Girls" Cast -- Then & Now