100 Photos of Ryan Gosling Because Why Not

The co-star's bromance is in full display in this hilarious interview.

Is there anything better than a giggling Ryan Gosling?

While press junket interviews can be notoriously quick and stuff, ITV This Morning's Alison Hammond got pure Internet gold out of a four-minute chat with Gosling and "Blade Runner 2049" co-star Harrison Ford.

The interview got off to a great start when Gosling asked Hammond if she was a fan of the 1982 original. Her response: "Never seen it!"

"Bleak. Dystopian. An absolute nightmare to be honest with you ... that's just my interviewing techniques," she continued. "But let's talk about the movie." With that, Gosling took a swig of whiskey, saying "I feel like that's where this is headed."

She then called attention to Gosling's sweater, asking if he knit it himself. "Oh, it's going to be like that," he joked. "Yeah, this is what I did on set. I knitted this sweater. It's 'Blade Runner'-inspired. I don't know what to say now. Is this an interview?"

When she then focused her attention on Ford, Gosling faux-walked out of the interview, asking if anyone needed "help with the cameras."

Even when Ford tried to bring the conversation back on track, it just ended in even more laughter.

Of course, Gosling is no stranger to cracking up on camera -- just take a look at how many times he broke while hosting "SNL" earlier this month!

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