19 Actors Who Starred in Multiple Weinstein Movies

Hollywood stars are releasing statements and distancing themselves from Harvey Weinstein following bombshell sexual abuse allegations.

The sexual abuse allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein seemed to leave Hollywood speechless at first, but now more and more A-list stars are stepping forward and making statements in response to growing pressure from the media and their fans.

A New York Times expose published October 5 included accounts from actress Ashley Judd and a number of other women from the entertainment industry, who claim that Weinstein has sexually preyed on women throughout his career and created a toxic work environment at The Weinstein Company, one of the most powerful firms in Hollywood.

The revelations have brought the industry to a standstill as media figures demand responses from celebrities who have worked with or alongside Weinstein and said nothing about his behavior -- particularly if they have been vocal about sexual harassment accusations toward President Trump or other public figures.

Here are some of the most notable responses so far:

Quentin Tarantino


Quentin Tarantino -- a longtime friend and collaborator of Harvey Weinstein's -- broke his silence on the explosive sexual harassment allegations surrounding the producer via Amber Tamblyn, who tweeted the statement on his behalf: "For the last week, I've been stunned and heartbroken about the revelations that have come to light about my friend for 25 years Harvey Weinstein. I need a few more days to process my pain, emotions, anger and memory and then I will speak publicly about it."

Heidi Klum


The "Project Runway" host and judge spoke out against Weinstein after he was stripped of his executive producer credit on the show.

"I wish I could say that the horrible stories I read about Harvey Weinstein are a rare occurrence in our society, but that is simply not the case. We would be naive to think that this behavior only happens in Hollywood," she told People. "This is one example of the more pervasive problem of the mistreatment of women around the world. I think it would be hard to find a woman -- myself included -- who have not had an experience where they have felt intimidated or threatened by a man using his power, position or his physical stature. I truly admire these brave women who are coming forward to share their stories because change cannot come unless there is a dialogue and people are held accountable."

Ryan Gosling


"I want to add my voice of support for the women who have had the courage to speak out against Harvey Weinstein. Like most people in Hollywood, I have worked with him and I'm deeply disappointed in myself for being so oblivious to these devastating experiences of sexual harassment and abuse. He is emblematic of a systemic problem. Men should stand with women and work together until there is real accountability and change," Gosling wrote on Twitter.

Bob Iger


The Walt Disney chairman-CEO is the first chief of an entertainment conglomerate to publicly condemn Weinstein.

"Harvey Weinstein's reported behavior is abhorrent and unacceptable, and it has no place in our society," Iger said in a statement.

Leonardo DiCaprio

"There is no excuse for sexual harassment or sexual assault -- no matter who you are and no matter what profession," DiCaprio posted on social media. "I applaud the strength and courage of the women who came forward and made their voices heard."

Charlize Theron

The "Atomic Blonde" star posted this to Instagram: "The women who have spoken about their abuse are brave and heroic and although I didn't have a personal experience like this with Harvey Weinstein, I unfortunately cannot say I'm surprised. This culture has always existed, not just in Hollywood but across the world. And many men in positions of power have gotten away with it for far too long. We cannot blame the victims here. A lot of these women are young, just starting out in their respective fields, and have absolutely no way to stand up to a man with so much influence, much greater than theirs. If they speak up, they are shut down, and that could be the end of their career. This is all a positive step forward in changing that culture, and these young women need to know that they have a support system should anything like this happen to them. And I want you all to know I support you."

Matt Damon

In an interview with Deadline, the "Bourne Identity" star denied claims that he and Russell Crowe pressured the New York Times to kill a story about Weinstein in 2004. "Look, even before I was famous, I didn’t abide this kind of behavior. But now, as the father of four daughters, this is the kind of sexual predation that keeps me up at night. This is the great fear for all of us. [...] We know this stuff goes on in the world. I did five or six movies with Harvey. I never saw this. I think a lot of actors have come out and said, everybody’s saying we all knew. That’s not true. This type of predation happens behind closed doors, and out of public view. If there was ever an event that I was at and Harvey was doing this kind of thing and I didn’t see it, then I am so deeply sorry, because I would have stopped it. And I will peel my eyes back now, father than I ever have, to look for this type of behavior. Because we know that it happens. I feel horrible for these women and it’s wonderful they have this incredible courage and are standing up now."

Minnie Driver

"In light of the revelations about Harvey Weinstein in the past few days, I feel it necessary to add my support for the women who have been victimized and have been brave enough to talk about it," Driver said in a statement to Variety. "While I never experienced any abuse while working with Harvey, I think it’s important to add my voice to those of women everywhere who have experienced abuse at the hands of powerful men."

Nicole Kidman

"As I've stated before publicly, I support and applaud all women and these women who speak out against any abuse and misuse of power — be it domestic violence or sexual harassment in the workforce," Kidman said in a statement. "We need to eradicate this behavior."

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton tweeted this statement after critics targeted her for accepting campaign donations from Weinstein: "I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior."

Ben Affleck

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Affleck posted this statement to Facebook and Twitter: "I am saddened and angry that a man who I worked with used his position of power to intimidate, sexually harass and manipulate many women over decades. The additional allegations of assault that I read this morning made me sick. This is completely unacceptable, and I find myself asking what I can do to make sure this doesn't happen to others. We need to do better at protecting our sisters, friends, co-workers and daughters. We must support those who come forward, condemn this type of behavior when we see it and help ensure there are more women in positions of power."

Rose McGowan

The "Charmed" star and vocal feminist has led the response on social media, praising women and challenging others to speak up. "Women fight on," she tweeted. "And to the men out there, stand up. We need you as allies. #bebrave [...] Anyone who does business with __ is complicit. And deep down you know you are even dirtier. Cleanse yourselves."

She later told The Hollywood Reporter: "Men in Hollywood need to change ASAP. Hollywood's power is dying because society has changed and grown, and yet Hollywood male behavior has not. It is so not a good look. In the way cooler than Hollywood world I live and work in, I am actually embarrassed to be associated with it. The men of Hollywood need to know they own no woman. The days of Entourage-like behavior and thinking is as dated as your largely bro nature. I'm calling on the [Weinstein Company] board to resign effective immediately. And for other men to stop other men when they are being disgusting."

George Clooney

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"It's indefensible. That's the only word you can start with," Clooney told The Daily Beast. "Harvey's admitted to it, and it's indefensible. I've known Harvey for 20 years. He gave me my first big break as an actor in films on 'From Dusk Till Dawn,' he gave me my first big break as a director with 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.' We've had dinners, we've been on location together, we've had arguments. But I can tell you that I’ve never seen any of this behavior —- ever. The other part of this, the part we're hearing now about eight women being paid off, I didn't hear anything about that and I don't know anyone that did. That's a whole other level and there's no way you can reconcile that. There's nothing to say except that it's insensible."

Jennifer Lawrence

"I was deeply disturbed to hear the news about Harvey Weinstein's behavior," Lawrence told Variety. "I worked with Harvey five years ago and I did not experience any form of harassment personally, nor did I know about any of these allegations. This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting. My heart goes out to all of the women affect by these gross actions. And I want to thank them for their bravery to come forward."

Lena Dunham

"The women who chose to speak about their experience of harassment by Harvey Weinstein deserve our awe," the "Girls" creator said on Twitter. "It's not fun or easy. It's brave."

Meryl Streep

In a statement to HuffPo, the outspoken liberal actress writes: "The disgraceful news about Harvey Weinstein has appalled those of us whose work he championed, and those whose good and worthy causes he supported. The intrepid women who raised their voices to expose this abuse are our heroes.

"One thing can be clarified. Not everybody knew. Harvey supported the work fiercely, was exasperating but respectful with me in our working relationship, and with many others with whom he worked professionally. I didn’t know about these other offenses: I did not know about his financial settlements with actresses and colleagues; I did not know about his having meetings in his hotel room, his bathroom, or other inappropriate, coercive acts. And If everybody knew, I don’t believe that all the investigative reporters in the entertainment and the hard news media would have neglected for decades to write about it.

"The behavior is inexcusable, but the abuse of power familiar. Each brave voice that is raised, heard and credited by our watchdog media will ultimately change the game."

Glenn Close

In a statement to the New York Times, Glenn Close said that while she hasn't had an uncomfortable situation with the Hollywood mogul herself, she felt "angry and darkly sad" when she heard the news.

"I'm sitting here, deeply upset, acknowledging to myself that, yes, for many years, I have been aware of the vague rumors that Harvey Weinstein had a pattern of behaving inappropriately around women. Harvey has always been decent to me, but now that the rumors are being substantiated, I feel angry and darkly sad," Close said. "I'm angry, not just at him and the conspiracy of silence around his actions, but also that the 'casting couch' phenomenon, so to speak, is still a reality in our business and it the world: the horrible pressure, the awful expectation put on a woman when a powerful, egotistical, entitled bully expects sexual favors in exchange for a job."

Kate Winslet

"I have no doubt that for these women this time has been, and continues to be extremely traumatic," the actress told Variety. "I fully embrace and salute their profound courage, and I unequivocally support this level of very necessary exposure of someone who has behaved in reprehensible and disgusting ways. His behavior is without question disgraceful and appalling and very, very wrong. I had hoped that these kind of stories were just made up rumours, maybe we have all been naive. And it makes me so angry. There must be 'no tolerance' of this degrading, vile treatment of women in ANY workplace anywhere in the world."

Judi Dench

"Whilst there is no doubt that Harvey Weinstein has helped and championed my film career for the past 20 years, I was completely unaware of these offenses which are, of course, horrifying, and I offer my sympathy to those who have suffered, and wholehearted support to those who have spoken out," Dench told Newsweek.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Asked by a fan why he hadn't addressed the issue yet, Miranda tweeted, "Forgive me. Just woke up to this -- I'd asked my reps to keep any press non-[Puerto Rico]-relief-related off my desk. That's my fault. I'm as appalled and repulsed by the Weinstein news as anyone with a beating heart. And forever in awe of the bravery of those who spoke out."

Kevin Smith

The director tweeted, "He financed the first 14 years of my career - and now I know while I was profiting, others were in terrible pain. It makes me feel ashamed."

Constance Wu

"Yup yup yup yup," the "Fresh Off the Boat" star tweeted. "Every day. Even from 'good guys' who brag about hiring female directors or producing POC narratives. YUP EVEN THEM."

Mark Ruffalo

"To be clear what Harvey Weinstein did was a disgusting abuse of power and horrible," Ruffalo tweeted. "I hope we are now seeing the beginning of the end of these abuses."

Amber Tamblyn

The actress and writer, recently in the news for calling out James Woods for creepy behavior, tweeted: "Heed the mantra and never forget: Women. Have. Nothing. To. Gain. And. Everything. To Lose. By. Coming. forward."

Brie Larson

"As always, I stand with the brave survivors of sexual assault and harassment," tweeted the Oscar-winning actress. "It's not your fault. I believe you."

Susan Sarandon

Sarandon tweeted, "Huge respect for @AshleyJudd and all the women who broke their silence for the article on Harvey Weinstein. Brave."

Judd Apatow

"What Harvey Weinstein did was abhorrent," Apatow tweeted. "He admits he did it. Why should anyone be silent in their disgust and support for his victims?"

Paul Feig

The "Ghostbusters" director tweeted, "Zero tolerance. Power & money can not make this right. It cannot normalize this. Abuse & harassment are exactly that. There's no safe haven."

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