'RHONJ' Dolores Catania on Why Danielle Staub Is a 'Professional Victim' and 3 Simple Jersey Housewives Rules
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The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star tells TooFab: "The new people in the group try to put a wedge between friendships."

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" picks up Wednesday night in Boca Raton, where Teresa Giudice is still mourning the loss of her mother, and the ladies debate whether throwing birthday cake at each other in a restaurant is considered trashy.

TooFab spoke to sophomore star Dolores Catania ahead of Episode 2, where she dished on Teresa's return from prison and current marital status, what was going through her head when she saw Danielle Staub for the first time and the "3 Simple Rules to Being a Jersey Housewife."

"I dubbed Danielle Staub as a professional victim," Catania told TooFab. "And what a professional victim does is they try to garner that reaction. They'll poke you and poke you and poke you to get that and then they say, 'Oh, look, they hurt me.'"

"You'll see there's a scene with my father and my brother and that's a very pivotal time for me in this season where I get a grip and I start to handle things a little differently," she teased.

When asked what her initial thoughts were when Danielle "surprised" the ladies at Siggy Flicker's Boca Raton home during the premiere, Catania told TooFab: "Everything everyone's ever said about her."

Catania also teased an upcoming spat she'll have with Staub this season.

"The new people in the group try to put a wedge between friendships," she said. "And when there's nothing to say, sometimes people make things up. Listen, I'm clean. Try to find someone I've f-cked over, cheated on, stole from -- never. Danielle's been around town trying to find sh-t out on me. She'll never find one bad thing. No one has a bad thing to say about me. And if that's what makes me boring, I'll take it."

On newcomer Margaret Josephs, Catania said, "I didn't know her prior to Siggy, so I don't need to know her more than I already do because she doesn't get along with my friend."

Catania also spilled some tea on her good friend, Teresa, who was in federal prison for 11 months in 2015 for engaging in bank, mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. Her husband, Joe Giudice, is currently serving a 41-month sentence for the same crime.

"She never held Joe culpable for anything," Dolores said when asked how Teresa has changed. "There was never a word that came out of her mouth that was disparaging about him no matter what was going on. Now, she's not disparaging him or calling him names, but she recognizes and she admits that she has some resentments toward him for going away."

"I have always always stuck up for Teresa Giudice," she added. "Even going to jail, people are like, 'Oh, she knew.' No she didn't. No she didn't. We are all guilty of listening to our husbands, especially in Italian families. Culturally, that's what you do ... especially when you're living a comfortable life. Why question a good thing?"

Catania added, "When you stick up for somebody for things they did wrong, whether they knew it or not, you're jeopardizing your own credibility, but I didn't care. I stuck up for Teresa. And I don't feel I got the same back this season."

On whether she thinks Teresa and Joe will stay together, Dolores said, "I'm gonna say yes because I don't walk in her shoes, so I don't know."

According to Dolores, the 3 simple rules for being a Jersey housewife are easy: "Don't talk about whether Teresa Giudice knew or not, politics and religion," she said.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" continues Wednesday night on Bravo.

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