'Dumb and Dumber' Actress Says Naked Harvey Weinstein 'Began to Use the Toilet' in Creepy Hotel Room Encounter
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"He dropped his robe, went into the bathroom in front of me and began to use the toilet," Lauren Holly says.

As Hollywood stars continues to share their personal stories of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, Lauren Holly is the latest to speak out about an alleged incident in a hotel room back in the '90s.

The 53-year-old actress, who famously played Jim Carrey's love interest in "Dumb and Dumber," said she felt a "responsibility" to share her experience after reading The New York Times article, telling The Social what happened to her when she was in her 30s.

"It was all just too familiar because it was exactly what had happened to me," she explained. "What made me really angry was his first response, when he said he was going to sue The New York Times. I thought, 'Oh no sir, this is the truth, this is who you are.'"

Holly pointed out that she was "not a new ingenue" and was "well known" when Weinstein made his move, after the actress had appeared in the Miramax film "Beautiful Girls." "I wasn't an innocent young girl who had just come there. I also knew Harvey Weinstein, I had made a movie with him, I had been with his socially many times," she added.

Her story is very similar to most actresses' accounts. She was invited to a meeting in his hotel room -- which she said was actually "not abnormal at all" -- before things took a turn after he excused himself for a moment.

"He came back to the room and he was dressed in the hotel bath robe. No doubt it was odd, however when he walked in and was in the bath robe, he said, 'OK, let's get to it, this is what we've got going on at my company, these are the scripts that we have in the pipeline, these are the scripts we think are right for you,'" she continued.

She then followed him into the bedroom, saying she thought maybe he was just packing for a trip.

"When we entered the bedroom, the whole time he was talking and it never stopped. He dropped his robe, went into the bathroom in front of me and began to use the toilet, all the time talking," she said. "At this point, my head's exploding. What is this? What's going on, this is just not right. Yet he's talking business and he expects me to answer. He gets in the shower, continually talking to me. Leaning out of the shower asking for responses. He's acting like the situation is normal."

"He got out of the shower, dried himself, did not put on the robe and came toward me," she continued. "When he came toward me, everything changed. The adrenaline rush I felt, I wanted to flee, I was scared. He told me I looked stressed, he said he thought maybe I could use a massage, maybe I could give him a massage."

"I began babbling like I was a child, I think it was just fear. I said I don't know how to give a massage, I don't have a massage license, I didn't know what to do," she went on. "Then he began to get angry and I began to get really afraid, to be honest. I had to get outta there."

"He told me I would make a bad decision if I got out of there, that it would be bad for my career. I had to keep him as an ally," added Holly. "I pushed him and ran."

Holly went on to say she was told by "other influential people in Hollywood" to not say anything about what happened, "because he's Harvey Weinstein."

She added that she started doing more TV after the incident and "didn't quite make as many movies," explaining that she has "her suspicions" as to why those film offers didn't come in as steadily.

"I'm a mom of three boys and I want them to grow up and not be men like that," she added in conclusion. "My youngest is 13, he's already 6 feet tall, he's a big guy. I want him to be gentle, respectful."

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