Jimmy Kimmel Just Called Harvey Weinstein a 'Misbehaving Cow'
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The late-night host is in Brooklyn hosting his late-night show, where he says something "weird" always happens.

Jimmy Kimmel took another dig at disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein on Tuesday night's show.

The comedian is hosting "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" from New York this week and was met almost immediately with some bizarre local news: a baby bull escaped from "the only slaughter in Brooklyn that hasn't been converted into an art gallery slash event space yet" on Tuesday afternoon. The bull ended up on a soccer field, "which any parent will tell you is the worst place in the world to be."

"But the good news is the bull won't wind up under a slice of Parmesan," Kimmel joked. "[The city has] a policy where if an animal has escaped a slaughterhouse, it gets to go free. Isn't that great? The bull is being sent to a rehabilitation facility for misbehaving cows -- that's the good news. The bad news is that's also where they sent Harvey Weinstein."

Kimmel pointed out that this is the third cow chase New York has seen in two years. "I think you guys might be going a little overboard with the farm-to-table thing," he joked.

"In L.A., we go through a similar thing every time Gary Busey gets out of his pen," he added.

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