Tensions Flare on 'The View' Over Donald Trump Politicizing Soldiers' Deaths
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"I see this becoming another Rosie/Elizabeth split screen waiting to happen between Joy and McCain," writes one viewer.

Things got a little tense between Meghan McCain and Joy Behar on "The View" Thursday morning as the panel launched into a discussion about President Donald Trump politicizing the death of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's son Robert.

"As far as other presidents, I don't know, you could ask Gen. Kelly, did he get a call from Obama? I don't know what Obama's policy was," Trump said in an interview with Fox Radio on Monday.

While McCain said the "politicizing on both sides" is "not what America is," Whoopi Goldberg blamed Trump for making it that way in the first place.

"I think once you make it political, which is what he did, he's made it about something totally different than what this is," she explained. "These are kids coming back in boxes. These are families trying to figure out, how do I move forward. This is about so much different stuff that when you say, 'I'm the only president who ever called,' don't do that, it's a lie."


"We're missing the main point," McCain said as the conversation continued. "We have soldiers that are dying who are waiting for health care at the VA, there are so many issues, PTSD."

"Talk to Trump," Behar interjected.

"That's what I would like to use this moment to talk about Joy, OK?" McCain shot back. "I agree, but you need to talk to him, he keeps obfuscating," Behar said as the crosstalk continued.

"I would like to stay away from the anger towards Trump, I understand that what he did right now, I am having a very hard time with it. It is very hard for me," McCain angrily added. "I'd like to talk about what our veterans need in this country, that is what I would wish President Trump would do with this moment, say, 'You know what, I messed up this is getting out of control, let's talk about the real issues for the people who are fighting.' [Sgt. La David Johnson] died for us to be sitting here, we're getting too far away from it. If we politicize this too much we are not going to be in a place in America that I think any of us ideologically collectively want to be."

Behar once again said that Trump "has the power to do this things and he doesn't," while both Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines added that they see McCain's point.

"It'd be nice," added Joy, before Haines said that he just "can't do this."

"We have to hold this gentleman to his supposed job," Goldberg concluded. "You have to respect them and their families and I think if we can do both, we'll be doing the service we all feel America should have. Let's remind people how to respect the troops and it starts with us, now."

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The moment between Joy and Meghan sparked some reaction online -- see what viewers are saying below!

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