5 Most WTF Moments From Kid Rock's Howard Stern Interview

"F-ck no, I'm not running for Senate," the mouthy musician tells Stern on Tuesday.

Kid Rock stopped by The Howard Stern Show Tuesday, and in between dropping numerous f-bombs, shot down reports he's running for U.S. Senate, revealed he once hit on Caroline Kennedy and got blunt about the copious amounts of money and "p-ssy" he has on tap.

As with any Kid Rock interview, this one was anything goes.

Below are the five most WTF moments from the rocker's sit-down with Stern.

Kid Rock Is Not Running For Senator of Michigan

Kid Rock broke several hearts (including Steve Bannon's) when he admitted he's not -- and never was -- running for United States Senate.

"F-ck no, I'm not running for Senate," he told Stern. "Are you f-cking kidding me? Like, who couldn't f-cking figure that out?"

Rock said when he heard the rumors he was running for elected office, his response was, "F-ck it, let's get some signs made." Rock ran with the idea and even played the part of politician during many of his live performances. He told Stern that Bannon, President Donald Trump's former chief strategist, not only believed him, but also supported him.

He'd Never Turn Down a White House Invite

Although Rock "didn't vote for [Trump]," he told Stern he'd never turn down an invitation to the United States White House.

"I don't give a f-ck who the president is ... f-ck yeah, I'm going," Rock explained. Throughout the years, Rock has played for the last five presidents, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush.

Back in April Rock caught a lot of heat for touring the executive residence and dining with Trump.

"Everyone was like, 'Dude, you're the Klan wizard,'" he said.

He Doesn't Give a F-ck How He Dresses

When Stern asked Rock if he had put a lot of thought into what he would wear when he met Trump, the rocker admitted he wore the very same sweater he had on for his interview with Stern.

He Tried to Hook Up With Caroline Kennedy Before He Knew Who She Was

In 2004, Rock was invited to give a tribute to Elton John at the Kennedy Center Honors, but he told Stern he almost ditched the performance to hit up a bar with a woman he met backstage.

"I'm sitting back there, and I go to this girl -- I was getting ready to go on, she's getting ready to do something -- and all of a sudden I go, 'Man, we should get the f-ck out of here. Let's go to a bar. F-ck this place. F-ck all these motherf-ckers,'" Rock told Stern.

"And she goes, 'Oh, you don't understand. You're so sweet.' She goes onstage and she goes, 'My father started this place over 50 years ago...' It was f-cking Caroline Kennedy! And I'm like, 'Don't I feel like a d-ck.'"

Having His Own Private Plane Is 'Better Than Any F-cking P-ssy'

Rock also addressed the misconception that there's nothing better than having really great sex with a really hot woman.

"People say there's nothing better than f-cking good p-ssy," Rock told Stern. "That f-cking plane is f-cking better than any f-cking p-ssy you will ever f-cking put in front me!"

When Stern asked why, the mouthy musician said, "There's nothing f-cking bigger than a f-cking plane," adding that he goes "wherever the f-ck" he wants, and if that means taking his friends to dinner in another city for the night, so be it.

"I will live in my f-cking double-wide f-cking trailer in Alabama and sell everything, not leave anything for my children or grandchildren -- I'm not getting rid of that f-cking plane," he said. "I've got a lot of problems. Money and p-ssy ain't one of them."

Kid Rock, everybody.

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