'The View' Takes Aim at Bill O'Reilly Over Sexual Harassment Settlement: 'God Is Mad at You!'
Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

"You can't walk out of this," Whoopi says in a message directly to the former Fox News host.

Bill O'Reilly found himself at the center of the conversation on "The View" Tuesday morning, as the entire panel attacked him over his alleged $32 million settlement for sexual harassment.

Over the weekend, The New York Times reported O'Reilly settled after former Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl accused him of sending sexually explicit material - including gay porn - to her, as well as made allegations of "repeated harassment and a "nonconsensual sexual relationship." He reportedly settled the claim in January with the multi-million dollar payout.

Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the discussion by playing a clip of O'Reilly exclaiming how he's "mad at God" over the allegations. "Am I mad at God? yeah, I'm mad at him. I wish I had more protection. I wish this stuff didn't happen, I can't explain it to you," he said on his "No Spin News" web series. "Yeah, I'm mad at him. If I die tomorrow and get an opportunity, I'll say why'd you guys work me over like that?"

"That's what you're gonna say to God, Bill?" asked Goldberg. "Why did you work me over?"

"He says he's mad at God. Bill, God is mad at you," joked Joy Behar.

Meghan McCain then pointed out that the alleged settlement was close to what O.J. Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldmans in civil court for murder. "It has to be pretty bad, right?" she asked. "It's so highly unusual," added Sunny Hostin, "For Bill O'Reilly to pay $32 million to Lis Wiehl that must have been some sort of activity that's going on."

McCain also brought up her own past at Fox News and how she wished she had been made aware of the allegations against O'Reilly while she was there.

"I worked at Fox News for a very long time. I would have liked to have been privy to the information that he paid out $32 million to a woman while still working in the same place," she said. "Whether or not Fox paid it or he paid it, that's still information women who worked in the company had a right to know."

"I always wanted someone to say the best women work at Fox, the strongest women who have been sisters to me," she continued. "Strong, independent women who are dragged into this because you're associated with it because you work at Fox. That's not fair."

Goldberg ended the discussion by telling Bill it's probably best if he just takes "another couple vacations for a while."

"You can't walk out of this. You can blame it on as many people as you want but at its core, you participated in some way," she added. "They are naming you, don't blame God. Take a look in the mirror and say, you know what, what I did was dumb and I shouldn't do it anymore. And then maybe God will forgive you."

O'Reilly told NYT his eventual firing was "politically and financially motivated" and that "never mistreated anyone."

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