Here's the Story Behind Colton Haynes' Sexy Marge Simpson Halloween Costume (Exclusive)
Rupert Thorpe
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The makeup artist behind the "Arrow" star's impressive costume tells TooFab what goes into the transformation.

Colton Haynes once again proved he's the King of Halloween.

The "Teen Wolf" alum went all out as Miss Piggy from "The Muppets" last year, dressed in drag as Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" the year prior and went green as Princess Fiona from "Shrek" in 2014. Last night, the actor took on another iconic cartoon while hosting Freixenet's 2nd Annual Black Magic Halloween Affair: Marge Simpson.

TooFab spoke to one of the men behind the getup - makeup artist Erik Porn - who told us it took four hours to transform Haynes in the googly-eyed, yellow skinned, blue beehive hair-rocking character.

"I really liked this year, it's disturbing, but funny," Porn said. "There's something odd about seeing that cartoon shape on a human form where it doesn't belong."

Porn said Haynes usually reaches out to him around this time of the year with an idea of who he wants to dress up as. "It was more or less Colton just called me up and said 'Marge this year, sexy Marge Simpson,'" he explained. "The only idea I came up with was his Miss Piggy last year. These are all Colton's ideas."

"I have to sculpt the face piece on Colton's face cast," he said. "If I can get pre-made prosthetics through RBFX Studios then I'll use those, but these are all very last minute."

"Sadly, there is never time to do a test on these, we both have crazy schedules," he went on. "What happens on Halloween is the test. This year his eyes were the challenge, he couldn't see much. I think he cut the eyes open more after he left."

As for the actor's reaction, Porn said Colton "usually says, 'Oh my god I look beautiful' after he sees these, even if it looks frightening or hideous."

Job well done -- see more photos in the gallery above!

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