'The View': Meghan McCain Confronts Keith Olbermann Over 'Absurd' Trump-Bin Laden Comparison
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"Do you want President Trump to fail? Do you want America to fail?" McCain asks Olbermann.

"View" host Meghan McCain and Keith Olbermann went at it Friday over one of the GQ Special Correspondent's tweet arguing Donald Trump has "done more damage to America than Bin Laden and ISIS combined."

"Three thousand people died on 9/11," McCain said. "The comparison is absurd. Can I tell you something? When I hear rhetoric like that, I think Whoopi [Goldberg] and I are in agreement that we want Americans to come together, and rhetoric like that is so damaging."

Olbermann stood his ground and defended his tweet, claiming that although he applauds America's veterans, the Iraq war "was a waste of people's lives."

"Do you want President Trump to fail?" McCain fired back. "Do you want America to fail? Because I'm genuinely curious."

Olbermann couldn't answer that question because the show cut to commercial break, but when it returned, the guest managed to find more common ground with McCain.

"My favorite person in American politics in the 21st century is your father," Olbermann said. "But what I'm saying is, in retrospect, based upon what we have seen in the last two years in this country, I owe him an apology, I probably owe George W. Bush an apology and I would happily take a third term of George W. Bush rather than this. That's how serious I think it is."

"This is the other bit of common ground," he continued. "What I want, which is to not have Donald Trump as the president, which means Mike Pence is the president. All the policies will be the same, in fact more of them will probably be enacted because there will be less of this friction that's always around Trump... My point is those policies are going to happen one way or another, my argument is not about the politics or the policies, it's about I don't think the guy is stable.

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