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Colbert believes the country singer's heart is in the right place. "His lyrics? Not as much," he adds.

Stephen Colbert wasn't very impressed by Keith Urban's new single "Female," inspired by all of the sexual harassment, misconduct and assault allegations that have flooded the media as women continue to speak out about powerful men who have hurt them in the past.

"A lot of men look at this behavior and they feel that 'There's nothing I can do.' Well last night, one man stepped up to not do it: Country music star and soul-patch safe space Keith Urban," the "Late Show" host joked Thursday night. "Last night at the Country Music Awards, Urban debuted his new Harvey Weinstein-inspired female country empowerment anthem. That is a word salad I never thought I would say."

Colbert, who is a fan of Urban, believes the singer-songwriter's heart is in the right place, but added, "His lyrics? Not as much."

After playing a clip of Urban's performance, Colbert mocked the lyrics as, "The first song ever written by dumping out a bin full of inspirational throw pillows."

In an interview about the song in The Washington Post, Urban's songwriting collaborator described how "Female" came about: "We're in a room and we're like, what can we do about this? ... the one thing we can do is write songs."

"That is debatable," Colbert said to wild applause from his audience, since there is actually a lot more men can do about the sexual harassment problem in this country.

"And again I believe their hearts are in the right place and I want to do my part to stand up for women, so I too wrote a song, in like five minutes," Colbert said before singing his parody of "Female."

"Ladies of the world, you got a raw deal, too many times your voices have been silenced," Colbert said with a microphone and soul patch of his own. "Well, I want to let you know I hear you, now be quiet while I explain you to you."

Watch Colbert sing about "vaginas," "pads with wings" and "NuvaRings" in the video above.

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