Late-Night Hosts Trash Trump for Awkward Handshakes and That Juvenile Kim Jong-un Tweet
31 Times Donald Trump's Facial Expression Made Us LOL

"Did we elect a president or one of the 'South Park' kids?" Seth Meyers jokes.

Donald Trump's behavior during his diplomatic tour of Asia had late-night hosts baffled on Monday.

Seth Meyers, James Corden and Stephen Colbert all went in on the president for his awkward handshakes with world leaders at the Association of South East Asian Nations conference.

"Look at his face. There's something seriously wrong with you when that's your reaction to human contact," Meyers joked.

And each took their shots at Trump for escalating his war of words with North Korea's Kim Jong-un -- who has been threatening nuclear warfare -- by calling the dictator "short and fat" in response to being called "old" at the young age of just 71.

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

The NBC late-night host thought Trump was doing a good job at being disciplined in Asia until he proved once again that he's not comfortable with the customs required on these international trips. For example, Trump was not prepared for the traditional handshake at the ASEAN conference.

"Look at his face," Meyers said. "There's something seriously wrong with you when that's your reaction to human contact."

Then he pivoted to the president's controversial Kim Jong-un tweet. "Did we elect a president or one of the 'South Park' kids?" Meyers asked.

"The Late Late Show with James Corden"

The CBS late-night host thought Trump's handshake at the ASEAN conference was a little awkward.

"Look at that," Corden said. "That looks like the worst production of 'Riverdance' I've ever seen. What even is that? Is that the wall that Trump has been talking about?"

Corden then asked his crew to zoom in on the president's face in that group photograph because he was confused if they were giving each other a handshake or an exorcism.

"Meanwhile, look at the guy with the blue tie. He's like screw it I'm not doing it," Corden said. "No one is going to notice me with Trump passing a kidney stone over there."

Corden also took issue with Trump's response to being called "old" by a foreign leader.

"So in order to prove that he's not old, Trump acted like a third grader," he said. "I mean we are this close to seeing Trump and Kim Jong-un doing 'Yo Momma' jokes on Twitter."

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Although Trump repeatedly defended Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Colbert felt like the president had no mercy for North Korea leader and "rogue Campbells kid" Jong-un on Twitter.

"There's a lot to unpack from this presidential tweet. First of all, North Korea called him an old lunatic and his response was, 'What do you mean old? I'm young, I'm crazy,'" the CBS late-night star joked.

Colbert then examined how Trump actually insulted Jong-un while complaining that he's upset at the leader's initial burn.

"Way to defuse the nuclear standoff, Donald. Trump would be a horrible hostage negotiator," Colbert said before whipping out his Trump impression. "'Listen there's no need to harm the hostages, you fat bald fatty. Why don't you go kidnap a chili dog, you chubster? You know what, I dare you to kill them. I dare you to kill them and then eat them."

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