Today in Hollywood Harassment: Gal Gadot Talks Brett Ratner, Ed Westwick Faces New Accuser, Terry Crews Names Alleged Harasser
Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

"People need to be held accountable," Terry Crews said. "This is the deal about Hollywood. It is an abuse of power."

As more victims of alleged sexual misconduct in Hollywood come forward, others clarified their statements on Wednesday.

Terry Crews appeared on "Good Morning America" Wednesday to talk about about the alleged assault he first tweeted about a month ago, naming the man he claimed groped his genitals in public. On "Today," Gal Gadot spoke up about Brett Ratner, clarifying her stance on moving forward with the "Wonder Woman" sequel. Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein has seen suit filed against him for an alleged 2016 rape.

"Gossip Girl" star Ed Westwick saw a third woman come forward with accusations against him, while Rose McGowan turned herself in for a felony drug possession warrant with the intention of pleading "not guilty," and a Fox News legal analyst lost her position over comments she made that seemed to minimize assault victims.

Here's the latest:

Gal Gadot Responds to Brett Ratner Ultimatum Rumors

Stories began to circulate over the weekend that "Justice League" star Gal Gadot refused to sign on to play Wonder Woman again if producer Brett Ratner wasn't fired from the project, but now both the studio and Gadot herself have come forward to clarify the situation.

During a "Today" show appearance Wednesday, she said that there was no need for her to make any demands because there was a consensus surrounding the film. "Everyone knew what the right thing to do," Gadot said. “There was nothing for me to actually come and say because [the decision] was already done before this article came out."

Warner Bros. confirmed the story as "false" to Business Insider. Ratner's deal with the studio will have expired before filming on a "Wonder Woman" sequel would begin, and he'd already said he would "step away" from the studio in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from stars including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge.

Ed Westwick Faces Third Accuser

Creative producer Rachel Eck became the third woman to come forward with an accusation of sexual assault against Westwick, following allegations from Kristina Cohen and Aurelie Wynn. According to Eck, the assault occurred the night before the 2014 Academy Awards.

She alleged that Westwick asked her to invite a friend to hang out with him, her and Australian producer Kaine Harling. When she did not, Eck told Buzzfeed Westwick turned his attention to her.

Westwick purportedly made aggressive advances toward Eck each time that Harling was out of the room. "It got worse and he got more handsy" as the night progressed, Eck claims, and so she tried to leave. Eck says Harling convinced her to stay, saying that Westwick wanted to apologize. "Ed then pulled me onto the bed and aggressively groped me," she said. "I shoved him off as quickly as I could and left."

Cohen's story also involves being brought to Westwick's home by a producer she later identified to The Hollywood Reporter as Harling. Westwick denied the first two allegations. His representative did not have a comment on this latest one, and Harling did not respond to a request for comment from Buzzfeed.

Woman Files Suit Against Harvey Weinstein for Alleged 2016 Rape

An unnamed woman has filed suit against the movie mogul for a rape she said occurred in 2016. Gloria Allred is representing the woman in the case. According to the filing, reported on by Variety, Weinstein invited her to a hotel room to discuss a possible role on Netflix television series "Marco Polo," but once they got into the room, he forced her onto the bed and raped her.

The woman alleged that she and Weinstein first spoke about a possible role in the television series "Marco Polo" in 2015, during which he allegedly grabbed her and masturbated in front of her. He then allegedly contacted her in 2016 again about the role, leading to the alleged rape. The woman was never offered a position on the show.

The suit further claims that The Weinstein Company is liable for the victim's pain because it knew of Weinstein's behavior with women and did not fire him. The lawsuit is seeking undisclosed damages. Representatives for Weinstein have denied the allegations.

Terry Crews Names Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Him

For the first time since coming forward last month on Twitter saying he was the victim of sexual assault, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Terry Crews detailed that alleged assault on "Good Morning America" Wednesday. Speaking with Michael Strahan, he alleged that Adam Venit, former head of the Motion Picture Department at William Morris Endeavor, physically assaulted him at a party in February 2016.

Crews said he had no prior relationship with Venit, did not know him at all, and yet he alleges Venit started making lewd gestures at him during the party, with Crews' wife present. "He comes over to me. I stick my hand out and he literally takes his hand and puts it and squeezes my genitals," Crews said.

According to Crews, Venit was so persistent he had to physically push him off of him. "People need to be held accountable," Crews said. "This is the deal about Hollywood. It is an abuse of power. This guy, again, he's one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and he looked at me at the end as if, ‘Who is going to believe you?’"

William Morris Endeavor confirmed to ABC News that Venit was "suspended following the internal investigation into the matter." Crews also filed a police report on Nov. 8, and fired William Morris the following day.

Rose McGowan Plans to Plead Innocent, Blames Weinstein Spies for Charges

The former "Charmed" star turned herself in on a felony drug possession charge in Virginia Tuesday and was released again after posting bond. Speaking to Ronan Farrow for The New Yorker on Tuesday, McGowan said that she "will clearly plead not guilty."

She admitted to uncertainty about the warrant when it was first revealed. "Things started to get really weird. I knew I was being followed and that I wasn’t safe," she said. "I even hired a private investigator to investigate whether the warrant was real." McGowan and her attorney have alleged that cocaine could have been planted in her wallet when it went missing on her flight.

It was Farrow who alleged in an explosive exposé that Weinstein had an elaborate network of spies to track his alleged victims and journalists exploring their allegations.

The Feb. 1 warrant stems from a flight McGowan took in January. The warrant came into the public light only recently, after McGowan became one of the loudest accusers against Weinstein, causing her to ask via Twitter, "Are they trying to silence me?"

Fox News Analyst Steps Down After Claiming Accusers Come Forward For Money

After controversial comments she made on Sean Hannity's show last week regarding women who come forward with sexual assault allegations, Fox News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin has stepped down from a top position at her law firm, Gordon Rees.

"There are individuals that will come forward with these outrageous allegations," Colwin said on the show, adding that their goals are financial and legitimate claims "few and far between."

Colwin took to Twitter after her comments to say she never intended to minimize harassment victims or dissuade them from coming forward.

Gordon Rees managing partner Dion Cominos responded in a statement: "[Gordon Rees] in no way endorses or agrees with any statements which could even remotely be interpreted as minimizing or trivializing the seriousness and gravity of sexual harassment or similarly predatory behaviors ... The sad reality is that the number of women who likely have not been exposed to such repugnant conduct over the course of their personal or professional lives is, unfortunately, few and far between."

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