'Jersey Shore' Stars, Then & Now

Nilsa gets emotional as she explains how she got married and then divorced by age 23.

Things get surprisingly candid and emotional on the premiere episode of MTV's "Floribama Shore," when cast member Nilsa Prowant opens up about her brief marriage and painful divorce.

"I got married when I was 20, I met a guy that was in the Marines," Nilsa says as the housemates are getting to know each other in this exclusive sneak peek, before she quickly tears up. "I'm going to cry."

MTV's newest reality show takes the "Jersey Shore" model of young people partying like crazy in a beach house and moves it to Panama City Beach on the Florida panhandle, near the Alabama border. Already married and divorced at 23, Nilsa went into the experience ready to cut loose -- but her introduction to the show takes some unexpected turns.

Remembering her ex-husband, Nilsa says, "We were so in love, and he was so good -- literally, I thought he was going to be the guy for me forever. He was amazing and my parents loved him." She then breaks down completely as she tells her new friends how her marriage began to fall apart. "The one thing a woman wants to do in life is have a baby. So we got pregnant, and then I lost the baby, I had a miscarriage."

Things got even worse for her when her husband deployed a month later, leaving her to cope with their loss alone -- and then when he returned, he cheated on her. "The guy I married just turned out to be not what I thought he was," Nilsa says tearfully.

As the other "Floribama Shore" stars sympathize with Nilsa, Candace Rice offers this perspective: "You want to know the blessing in all of this? What if you would have had a baby by him? You would have been in this situation right now, without your husband and alone."

She continues, "I promise you, you're gonna find you a wonderful man that's going to appreciate everything about you -- your beautiful face, your attitude, everything. And you know what's going to happen? You're going to have beautiful children by him. Three, four, five hundred of 'em."

Speaking with TooFab, Kortni Gilson added, "I already knew about her divorce, but not to the extent that it was. I didn't open up right away because I'm a cancer, but I'm proud of her for letting that out on the table and I can relate to her whenever it comes to having a miscarriage and relationship and y'all will have to stay tuned to see what they say about me. I think what Nilsa had told me really helped me to open up."

The experience shows Nilsa that the summer might be more than just partying and getting crazy, at least for her. "I think in a way we're all going through something, and we're all going to help each other through these dark places that we're in, and finally get a chance to break away and heal with each other."

"MTV Floribama Shore" premieres Monday, November 27 on MTV.