CNN Trolls Donald Trump Over 'Fake News' Tweet Accusing Them of Representing Nation Poorly
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It's the second time in a week that Trump has called out, and received a response from a major news outlet.

CNN took to President Donald Trump's favorite platform to respond to his latest tweet dissing the cable news network.

Trump fired the first shot on Saturday by lamenting the influence CNN International holds around the world as a "major source of (Fake) news," going on to add that they represent the U.S. poorly.

While Trump didn't tag CNN in the post, though he did tag Fox News (saying they were "MUCH more important"), CNN nevertheless saw the post and drafted a quick response snarkily reminding the President that what he described isn't their job, it's his.

The apple emoji is a callback to a post from a month ago that CNN Communications has pinned at the top of their page regarding their current "Facts First" tagline. In the video, they seemingly allude to the President by suggesting that some people might shout or write in all caps that an apple is a banana, attempting to subvert the truth.

This is the second time in a week that Trump has been taken to task on Twitter by a major media company. After tweeting that he "took a pass" on being named People magazine's "Person of the Year," the magazine responded that his assessment of what happened was "incorrect."

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